About Us

Owners.com is the leading marketplace for self-directed real estate consumers. By offering a full menu of real estate services, Owners.com makes it more affordable for self-directed consumers to use and pay for only the services they need. Founded in 1996, Owners.com has helped over 400,000 consumers sell and buy homes and save nearly $2 billion in selling expenses. Owners.com is part of the Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. family of businesses.

Our History

Owners.com was launched in January 1996 and quickly became the largest directory of homes for sale by owner. In 2001, Owners.com was acquired by Owners Advantage, LLC and the business was expanded to offer for-sale-by-owner sellers the ability to add their homes to their local Multiple Listing Service for a fixed fee.

Today, Owners.com is the largest for-sale-by-owner and Flat Fee MLS listing service nationwide. Owners.com has won numerous awards over the years including being the first real estate website named to PC Magazine's Top 100, Forbes' Best of the Web, Fast Company's Fast Forward Top List and best TV Commercial by Google's YouTube.


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