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Companies small and large can market their products and services through Google and reach our highly engaged self-directed customers. You can easily create a nationwide campaign or target local areas based on your needs.

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Instructions for Advertisers:

Site Targeting Using Google AdWords

Step 1: Sign up for Google AdWords

Anyone who has an AdWords Standard Edition account can run ads in the following places:

  • This site
  • search results
  • Other sites in Google's content network

AdWords is an advertising platform that allows you to effectively reach more users on the internet than ever before. If you don't already have an AdWords account, go to to get started.

Step 2: Create a New Placement-Targeted Campaign

Placement targeting lets AdWords advertisers choose which sites they would like to appear on within the Google content network.

To create a new placement-targeted campaign, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your AdWords account at
  • On the Campaign Summary page, find the table titled Online Campaigns. Click "Placement-targeted" in the 'Create a new campaign' section at the top right area of the table.
  • Follow the sign-up wizard instructions to create your campaign (see step 3).

Step 3: Set Up Your Campaign

While you're creating your campaign, you can decide exactly which ads you would like to run and how much you'll be willing to spend.

The campaign set-up page will allow you to:

  • Target Customers: Name your campaign and ad group, then pick which languages your customers speak and their geographical locations
  • Create Ad: Choose to create a text, image or video ad and fill in the requested forms.
  • Target Ad: Select 'List URLs' in the left-hand column and enter your desired URL in the text box in the middle of the page. Click 'Get Available Placements' to generate a list that shows placements that exactly match your desired URL
  • Set Pricing: With placement targeting, you can pay for each click your ad receives (CPC), or for each thousand impressions it receives (CPM). On the next page, enter your daily campaign budget and the max CPC or CPM you're willing to spend on this campaign. If you choose very prominent and popular sites, keep in mind that you'll need to make a competitive bid to win the auction.
  • Review and Save: Review all of your selections and make changes if necessary, then click 'Save Campaign'.

Step 4: Maintain Your Campaign

Once you set up your campaign, don't forget to check on it afterwards to make sure it's doing well! Monitor your campaign, evaluate its performance and adjust your budget and bids according to the performance of your ads.

To learn how to optimize your ad campaign visit the AdWords Help Center post on ‘tips for success’. For more general information about placement targeting, please see the complete Help Center guide.

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