Smart home technology makes life a little easier, and now you can use it to make your living spaces more attractive and inviting.

Every modern living room should be high tech, and today you have a wide variety of smart home products to choose from. These products simplify everyday tasks and seamlessly blend into your home without ruining your design aesthetic.

As smart home technology advances, a fully connected home is becoming possible. People are adopting smart home technologies, and the market is expected to nearly triple from $20 billion in 2014 to almost $59 billion by 2020, according to a Statista report. Because the living room is typically the first stop for visitors and potential homebuyers, it needs to make a great first impression. Here are five new smart home technologies to consider adding to your living room space:

1. Smart Window Blinds

Letting natural light into your home creates warmth and comfort, but you also want the right window treatments that provide some shade and privacy. Newer offerings in window blinds are remote controlled from your smartphone or a wireless control, and some can even be put on a schedule to conserve energy. Shades made of fabric not only look cozy, they can also help soundproof and insulate your living room to make it even more comfortable.

2. Organic LED Lighting

The latest in lighting technology, organic LEDs use much less energy than standard fluorescent lights. They come in thin, flexible plastic sheets that can be configured into a beautiful fixture on a ceiling or wall that emits a bright light and looks like an art installation. Organic LED lighting is currently pricey, but engineers are working on making it easier to mass produce and available at a lower cost for consumers.

3. Smart Music

Set the mood or get the party started by putting on just the right tunes. A smart speaker allows you to stream music anywhere in your home without any messy cords or plugs in sight. There are many options, including built-in systems and portable options that hold a charge for several hours. Most smart speaker options are compatible with tablets, smartphones and computers, and even the smallest speakers offer loud and clear sound.

4. Control Panel

Have you ever wished that you could control your lights, home security system and indoor temperature from the same device? Now you can with a handy new device from Control4 that connects to all of your smart home technology. This allows you to control your home’s lighting, doorbell, door locks, security, garage door, thermostat, window coverings and more from multiple sources, including your smartphone or tablet. With a customizable touchscreen controller mounted to the wall, you can manage every smart home product under your roof.

5. Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

The natural beauty of live plants can bring color and an extra layer of interest to your living room. Aside from being decorative, houseplants can also filter volatile organic compounds from the air and relieve stress. Luckily, now you don’t have to have a green thumb for your houseplants to thrive, thanks to modern technology. Care for your plants using a Wi-Fi plant sensor, which will give you customized instructions on optimal feeding, watering and sunlight based on the plant species, climate and season. The sensor can also learn about all the plants in your home to keep them healthy regardless of the season or weather condition. Now you can enjoy greenery all year.

Smart home technology makes life a little easier, and now you can use it to make your living spaces more attractive and inviting. Use these ideas and try to incorporate the most convenient smart home products into your modern living room. You’ll enjoy the added convenience for years to come.