These kitchen cabinet ideas can face-lift your kitchen in a few simple steps.

Kitchens sell homes, but this space is also one of the most expensive to remodel. If your kitchen could use an update, focus on one major design element that plays a big role in the overall aesthetics of the space, such as your kitchen cabinets, which can make as dramatic of an impact as an entire remodel when you’re preparing to sell your house.

From cosmetic touch-ups to space-saving solutions, these six kitchen cabinet ideas will inspire your kitchen makeover:

1. Repaint

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, top trends for kitchens include transitional, contemporary and shaker styling with white, off-white, gray and beige color schemes. Cabinets with dark finishes only serve to darken the space, while light neutral paint colors for cabinets can brighten up your kitchen and dining areas.

First, you’ll need to clean, sand and prime your cabinet surfaces before repainting them. Follow HGTV’s do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions for repainting your kitchen cabinets or ask a local paint contractor to complete the job for you.

2. Swap out Hardware

If your kitchen cabinets are still in great condition, one of the simplest ways to update them is to swap out your hardware for new pieces. Since you’ll save money by keeping your existing cabinets and doors, why not splurge on some unique or high-end knobs or pulls for a designer look?

Oil-rubbed bronze knobs and pulls work well with traditional and country-style kitchens, while brushed-nickel pulls look sleek with contemporary cabinets. Contrasting your hardware finishes to the color of your cabinets can make everything pop.

3. Transform

If your kitchen cabinets’ style is out of date but the bones are in decent shape, you don’t have to resort to reinstallation. Instead of selecting a new set of cabinets, work with what you have by giving your cabinet fronts a face-lift. For example, you can tackle this project on your own by converting a flat cabinet front into a shaker style with new, freshly painted wood trim along the edges.

If you already have shaker-style cabinet doors and want to punch them up, you can insert a panel of beadboard wallpaper or tin ceiling tile and paint them to match or juxtapose your cabinet color.

4. Customize

Maximize your cabinet space by incorporating custom storage and organization features. Extra storage can add value to your kitchen, as storage space is one important detail homebuyers always want.

Some kitchen storage ideas include adding a custom plate rack for displaying your prettiest dishes or building a lazy Susan for easy access to mixing bowls in the corner cabinet. Depending on your DIY skills, you may want to hire a professional for this installation.

5. Open Up

Open shelves and glass-front cabinets are a great way to let light in and open up your kitchen space. Install open shelves where you want to show off special dishes and decor, and place glass-front cabinets where there’s plenty of natural light to reflect.

Think about how many dishes you want to be seen at all times. For instance, you may only want to include two to four glass-front cabinets or open shelves and keep the rest of your items behind closed cabinet doors. Some handy DIYers may be able to convert their standard cabinets into glass-front cabinets on their own, but you can always purchase a set from a reputable supplier.

6. Mix and Match

Rather than kitchen cabinets matching too well, mix it up. There are many ways to achieve this designer trick, such as painting your kitchen cabinets in two different shades (i.e., one darker and one lighter version of the same color) or selecting two completely separate colors and styles of cabinets.

Balance is key when attempting this eclectic look, so you can choose one color and style for your upper cabinets that’s different from your lower cabinets or have an alternative cabinet style on each side of the room.

Update your cabinets and instantly transform your kitchen with color and personality, no major remodeling required. Before drawing up plans for your project, research what’s trending in kitchen design by looking at the homes in your neighborhood and figure out how you want to solve your kitchen’s space and design challenges. Create your plan based these helpful kitchen cabinet ideas and your findings for a positive return on your investment. If you are looking to make some upgrades, check out this video, featuring Scott McGillivray, on the dos and don’ts of adding value to your home.