Simple outdoor home improvements can boost the beauty and value of your home.

For homeowners, summer means backyard barbecues, watching the kids play on the swing set and tackling home improvements. This year, try focusing on a few outdoor projects and maintenance tasks to boost the overall value of your home.

Are you worried about breaking the bank or just don’t feel inspired? Then check out these six simple project ideas that each cost less than $1,000 to complete on your own:

1. Waterproof Your Deck or Patio

If your home has a deck or patio, make sure you dedicate the proper amount of effort to protecting this valuable outdoor space. According to HomeAdvisor, staining a deck keeps the wood in good condition and allows an attractive grain to show through. Best of all, the average price of stain is around $30 per gallon. At the start of spring, you can visit your local home improvement store, buy brushes and supplies and stain the deck on your own time, making this an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

To maintain your deck or patio area, you should clean, pressure wash and reseal it every year, which costs an average of $20 per gallon. Waterproofing is also essential to deck health, costing around $15 per gallon. By following these three inexpensive DIY steps, your deck will be safe from mold, pests and moisture, granting it the ability to endure the harshest of weather conditions for the long run.

2. Install a New Garage Door

You already know swapping your old front door for something shiny boosts your curb appeal; now, use that same inspiration to face-lift your garage. If your garage door is extra loud or doesn’t close all the way, it might be a sign the track is warped or the springs are worn down. If so, replacing your garage door might be a necessity, which can cost as little as $200, depending on the number of doors, size and material.

Even if your current garage door works well, a new coat of paint can freshen its appearance. Make sure the color matches the front door or coordinates with the style of your home, and don’t forget to update or paint the side entry door on the garage, too.

3. Trim Trees and Shrubs

After a fast growing spring season, it’s common for bushes, trees and shrubs to become unkempt. You can hire a licensed and bonded tree trimming service to manicure your property, or you can tackle this job on your own with the proper tools and safety precautions.

Established trees add value to your home, but only when they’re healthy and not sagging over your roof or dropping dead branches on your lawn every few weeks. Summer also presents the perfect time to schedule routine lawn and garden maintenance to keep professionally landscaped areas looking their best.

4. Clean the Exterior

If you have a brick, stone or concrete driveway, you should consider renting or investing in a power washer to remove deep-set grime, moss growth and weeds. Don’t forget to include the nearby walkways and sidewalks leading to the front door of your home, as well.

You can also improve your home and garage by power washing the exteriors. Make sure you remove any vines, bugs and dirt attached to your home’s siding to help the exterior last longer and give your home a clean, fresh appearance.

5. Update the Mailbox

Whether it’s on a post at the curb or attached to the front of your home, a decorative mailbox can become a beautiful detail on your property. Invest in a sturdy and ornate mailbox that coordinates with the period of your home, making sure to avoid cheap, sticky lettering.

You can even consider splurging on an engraved nameplate to display your address and give your house a sense of class and beauty.

6. Implement a Home Security System

There’s definitely a wow factor when approaching a home with a security keypad by the front door. You can install an initial system for a few hundred dollars, then expect to pay $15 to $65 per month for monitoring and maintenance, depending on the provider you choose. However, knowing your family is safe and secure is truly priceless.

Better yet, homebuyers love to see a house already equipped with a security system, as it supplies them with additional peace of mind when they imagine themselves in the home.

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