Paint colors to consider for your home and garage include dark blue, dark blue gray, dark green and deep cranberry.

Are you giving the exterior of your home a makeover this summer? Before ordering new siding or hiring a painter, discover which exterior paint ideas and colors are trending and have the potential to increase the resale value of your home. We reached out to Bonnie Krims, the paint color expert on the PBS series “This Old House,” for advice. Krims is an accredited color consultant and designer from the International Association of Color Consultants.

What’s Hot for 2016 Homes
This year, adventuresome homeowners are choosing bold, daring colors. “It can be as simple as painting the front door a saturated contrasting color,” she says. “Or, the house color itself may be a dark, jewel-toned color rather than a light or medium tone. The trend is to invest more time in selecting an interesting exterior color scheme,” Krims noted.

Paint colors to consider for your home and garage include dark blue, dark blue-gray, dark green and deep cranberry. Then, accent these rich hues with a medium tone cream rather than white. It’s not uncommon to see dark-colored homes in new housing developments for 2016. In the past, medium-to-light toned homes were the trend.

However, some homeowners choose to bypass national trends, and instead, follow the styles seen in their specific region. Krims says this is largely based on climate and architectural styles. Since lighter-colored homes tend to reflect heat, muted colors are more popular in warm regions. For example, in Arizona it’s not uncommon to see homes painted in pale earth tones to blend in with the landscape.

The Little Extra Touches
If you love the main color of your home, but want to give it a little update, consider adding just a pop of color. “I encourage my clients to create a more interesting looking house by using something other than white, black or dark green on windows and other elements,” Krims explained.

Try using blue, red or yellow to make trim, railings, doors or other accent areas stand out. But, remember to be considerate of your neighbors and the overall look of your neighborhood. If you opt for hot pink accents in an area with traditional homes, it may be difficult to sell your home in the future.

If you love the look of vibrant hues, plant a flower bed or accent the front porch with potted blooms in a rainbow of colors. These temporary updates won’t affect your return on investment (ROI) when it comes time to sell your home.

Trendy Versus Timeless

If you’re painting your home in preparation to put it on the housing market, you might wonder which direction to go to boost your resale value. Should you paint it a classic, timeless color or opt for what’s popular in home remodeling shows?

Krims says it’s best to stick with clean, timeless exterior paint ideas. Consider painting your home white, off-white, gray, taupe, gray-green or gray-blue. If your house is already one of these neutral colors and in good condition, she says freshening the exterior by repainting entry doors and trim makes the home really shine, especially during open houses and private showings.

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