Los Angeles beaches are a great place to live.

Living on a beach in year-round warm weather is a fantasy for many, which makes communities around Los Angeles beaches the perfect locations to house-hunt. The amount of suburbs, cities and neighborhoods on the outskirts of town contributing to the Los Angeles sprawl may confuse homebuyers, so to help guide your search, check out four of the most popular beach communities in LA.

Manhattan Beach

Of all the Los Angeles beaches, Manhattan Beach deserves a spot at the top of the list. According to NeighborhoodScout, Manhattan Beach is a great neighborhood for education, offering an array of public school options and districts from which to choose. Many families live in the area, so parents and children alike can easily develop social ties and connect with their community. The area’s crime rate is below the country’s average, and the environment is conducive to academic success, given the number of college-educated adults and schools, like Loyola Marymount University, which is right down the street from Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach is also known for its diverse artistic scene, which defines the character of the surrounding area. As noted by Time Out, Manhattan Beach is the most upscale of the beach cities, and its pleasant and posh center separates it from Hermosa’s beach-bum bar scene. When it comes down to the numbers, 67.1 percent of housing is owner-occupied in Manhattan Beach, and areas with a larger segment of owners versus renters can represent a desirable draw.

Hermosa Beach

According to NeighborhoodScout, 40.8 percent of the homes in Hermosa Beach are single-family residences, making the opportunity greater for owners versus renters. If you land a spot here, you’ll have to check out the family owned and operated restaurant, Tony’s on the Pier, in neighboring Redondo Beach. This old-school bar and restaurant features a selection of fresh fish every day with a beautiful view of the water to admire as you dine.

Hermosa Beach is also known for catering toward younger, educated professionals. It includes picturesque scenery, waterfront activities and tidal bodies of water. Homes have appreciated in Hermosa Beach since the 1990s.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica recently received train service from downtown LA to the pier, so accessibility to and from the city for work or pleasure has become a breeze. According to the Los Angeles Times, if Santa Monica is your ideal location for living, purchasing a home, as opposed to renting, makes sense. The high purchase prices and expensive rents, along with the stability of the neighborhoods, reflect the immediate desirability of living in Santa Monica.

Alex Waldmen, an LA local, says, “Main Street in Santa Monica is cooler and feels more local than the Third Street Promenade.” If you’re searching for an excellent meal, try sampling some food at the local farmers’ market or visit one of the restaurants on Main Street. There’s even a visitors’ center if you want to learn more about the area and its history. Hotel Shangri-La is another local gem with an awesome rooftop bar, and the dining is definitely worth a try.

Marina del Rey

This beachside community earns an 88.8 percent rating from NeighborhoodScout for being a hip and trendy neighborhood and also receives a 75.1 percent rating for walkability. Recently, the amount of condo development has grown to make way for the influx of professional technology, media and entertainment workers, as well.

Residents of Marina del Rey tend to be younger (the median age falls within the 30s), which is reflective of a professional community, and as Waldmen says, “Marina del Rey is becoming the new Silicon Valley. Soon, you’ll see a lot of Bay Area transplants moving to this preferred zip code.”

If you’re searching for a home near one of the best Los Angeles beaches, you’re looking in the right place. These areas have continuously appreciated in value, making them an investment worth considering for any future homeowner.