There are many reasons why people are packing up and moving to San Antonio.

Over the past decade, more people have been relocating to the Lone Star State than any other state. This is most likely due to its affordable housing and promising job economy. People are moving to San Antonio, Texas, for the same reasons, but it has less to do with a list of must-haves than the allure of San Antonio’s charm and laid-back vibe.

Relocating to a new city is a personal decision and you should consider a number of details before pinpointing your next place of residence—from the real estate market to local economy and much more. As you start to think about it, here are 10 reasons to make San Antonio your new home:

1. Lower Cost of Living

A relatively low-cost place to live with a quality lifestyle, San Antonio residents enjoy paying less for housing, food, health care, utilities, transportation and entertainment than most other major metropolitan areas. In fact, the cost of living in San Antonio is 14 percent lower than the national average and the cost of housing is about $113,100, compared to a national average of $181,400.

2. Strong Job Market

San Antonio’s job market is strong compared to the rest of the country. While job postings have declined 32 percent nationwide, job postings in San Antonio have only declined by 12 percent, according to Indeed. You’ll also find a diverse job market here, with plentiful jobs in education, health care, manufacturing, defense, energy, financial services and call centers.

3. Manageable Metropolis

Although San Antonio is a large city with a population of over 1.3 million people, the locals love its small-town feel and it’s also a great place to raise a family. San Antonio may be one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, but it doesn’t have the overcrowding or traffic problems that other cities have to deal with.

4. Steeped in History

While the city of San Antonio is best known for its historic landmark the Alamo, it’s a city that’s full of history. It features beautiful old-world architecture and historic points of interest, including the oldest cathedral in Texas, the Majestic Theatre and various Spanish missions throughout the area.

5. Vibrant Food Scene

Described by Eater as the “most underrated food city” in Texas, the foodie scene in San Antonio offers much more variety than Tex-Mex. Sure, there’s authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex offerings, but you’ll also find barbecue, Brazilian, pizzerias, wineries, menus featuring the freshest local ingredients and open-air markets with food from local producers and chefs.

6. Access to Touristy Attractions

With so much to do in town, the popular hot spots in San Antonio include the Alamo, River Walk, SeaWorld, Hemisfair, the San Antonio Museum of Art, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio Botanical Garden, Pearl Brewery and Market Square.

7. Scenic Rolling Hills & Wineries

Despite its urban vibe, San Antonio still gives locals many opportunities to get in touch with nature. Nearby Texas Hill Country offers tranquil views of rolling hills and wineries. There’s also the Natural Bridge Caverns outside town, the Government Canyon State Natural Area, Japanese tea gardens and bike trails, as well as bikes you can rent throughout the city.

8. Warm Year-Round Temperatures

The warm climate in San Antonio is a plus for those who don’t mind the fact that the temperature tends to be in the 90s during the summer months. Also, it rains a lot in the spring, but you’ll hardly ever see snow on the ground in the winter.

9. Selection of Colleges & Universities

San Antonio is home to 31 different colleges and universities, such as Trinity University, St. Mary’s University, Texas A&M University San Antonio and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

10. Unique Neighborhood Personalities

The neighborhoods in and around San Antonio all have their own unique personalities. For example, the King William Historic District is famous for its Victorian, Italian and Greek Revival architecture. Downtown appeals to young professionals with its high-rise condos and loft-style apartments, while Southtown’s thriving art scene attracts creatives and art-lovers.

There are many reasons why people are packing up and moving to San Antonio. If you decide to make the move, you just might end up planting some roots and staying for a long time. To get started on your search for the perfect home, head to