55 Little Oak Ln
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
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updated Sep 21
Property Type Single Family Home
Beds 2
Baths 2
Sq Ft 1028
Year Built 1986
County Hartford
Listing ID ATP9673
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Property Value: $159,900 • Loan Value: $127,920 • 30 year fixed • Change Assumptions


  • 2 stories
  • Built in 1986
  • Forced Air heating system
  • Central AC cooling system
  • City provided sewer/wastewater
  • Has a fireplace


2nd Floor condo at the Oaks in Rocky Hill. Beautiful cathedral ceilings, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Large open floor plan. Balcony with seating area. The two bedrooms have recently been redone with laminate wood flooring, they have walk-in closets. The furnace and central air are only two years old! Large grass area in front is perfect for a pet. The condo is at the end of the parking lot, so it is very private and has no thru-traffic. Two parking spaces are included. The Oaks is across from Big Y and walking distance to many nice restaurants and stores.
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