What is FSBO?

FSBO stands for "For Sale By Owner". It describes anyone who sells real estate - usually a home - without using an agent.

Selling a house FSBO empowers homeowners to take control of the home selling process and to save a lot of money by paying little or no commission. The homeowner sells the home through yard signs, web listings, newspaper classified ads, flyers, word of mouth and open houses. The homeowner may also handle the closing process or hire a real estate attorney to take care of the paperwork.

Advantages of selling your home FSBO are:

  • You have control over the entire FSBO process.
    -- The FSBO seller determines the price
    -- When and how to advertise the home
    -- Whether to hold open houses or see buyers by appointment
    -- Negotiating the sale
    -- Managing the close whether through the title company or a real estate attorney
    -- Everything is done on your terms

  • Quicker sale with FSBO
    -- The price of homes sold by an agent are inflated to cover the agent's commission.
    -- By selling FSBO, the homeowner can reduce the home's price enough to make it attractive to buyers for a quicker sale.
    -- The amount saved from not paying a listing agent commission can be used to reduce the price; serve as a negotiation edge; or be extra profit to the home seller.
    -- When the buyer makes an offer, you negotiate directly rather than having to go back and forth between the agents.

  • Reduces stress with FSBO
    -- You decide when to show the home rather than keeping the home in picture perfect condition at all times in case the agent calls and wants to show it immediately.
    -- By scheduling prospective buyers yourself, you have time to prepare for the visits and you don't have to leave the home as you would with an agent.
    -- You determine whether you want to show your home by talking on the phone first with the buyer.

  • You're the best agent
    -- You know your home better than anyone.
    -- You can highlight the home's advantages or discuss the hard work that went into the beautiful lawn.
    -- You know the neighbors, school district, churches and shopping.
    -- A home that's priced well and is properly maintained can virtually sell itself. But you are the closer with the extra information only you can provide the buyer.

  • More confidence with FSBO
    -- You are the one who meets the prospective buyer so you can judge how serious the buyer is, rather than relying on an agent's opinion.
    -- You get direct feedback which helps immensely in the negotiation.

Why pay a commission?

  • The selling and buying agents get a combined commission of about 6% of the home's sale price.
  • Calculate how much that is worth.
  • A recent nationwide survey of agents showed that no matter the price of the home, agents spend an average of $1,000 to market the home.
  • Are you willing to give an agent thousands of dollars to do something you can do yourself for a fraction of the cost?
  • If your answer is no, then selling FSBO is the way to go.

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