2123 Pine Tree Cir
Gainesville, GA 30501
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updated Sep 30
Property Type Single Family Home
Beds 3
Baths 3
Sq Ft 3700
Year Built 1965
County Hall
Listing ID PMA6551

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Property Value: $400,000 • Loan Value: $320,000 • 30 year fixed • Change Assumptions


  • Ranch style construction
  • 2 stories
  • Built in 1965
  • Lot size is 1 Acre
  • Gas Heat Pump heating system
  • Central AC cooling system
  • Septic system sewer
  • 40-car Garage (attached)
  • In the Sunset Heights neighborhood
  • Part of the Gainesville City Schools, school district
  • $2,800 estimated taxes (yearly)
  • Average utilities: $200.00


please note: this AD is only running for 30 days.  So please copy or write anything that is of value to you as the number here 7705320562.   This is a large brick home with a new metal roof and 150K in new things that have been added to the home since purchased for $340.00  as you can well see, this home is being offered by-owner for approx $100K less than I have in the home. The home still needs about $10K in mostly cosmetic's and a woman's touch.   There is very much Deep water here with a AWESOME view of the lake and your 32x24 ss covered dock that I will throw in for free if you want it to be.   ALSO NOTE; there is a cottage house never door for sale by me as well and it is 1800 sq ft. and it to has a boat dock as well. I have it on the market for 300K O B C O.
OWNER FIN IS AVAIL yes, on any of the FOUR lake lanier properties being offered. all are in the 30501 gainesville city area.   BUY TODAY don't delay.
NO DOWN PAYMENT: no worries, seller is willing to take boat, toy hauler, uni-loader, dozier, back-hoe, 4x4 long bed truck, flatbed truck, dually, 3500 series truck, 350 series truck, cabin, red-iron building, formula SR-1 boat, shop, warehouse, portable bldg, car-shed, 32x32 boat dock, diamond ring, gold ring, silver, or pretty much anything that you may have of value as your DOWN PAYMENT. just trying to be flexible and easy to work with UNLIKE THE SO CALLED BANKS. hahaha
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