13035 Morse Pl
Cedar Lake, IN 46303
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updated Aug 20
Property Type Vacant Lot or Land
County Lake
Listing ID MTW6376
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Property Value: $54,900 • Loan Value: $43,920 • 30 year fixed • Change Assumptions


  • Grass topography or landscape
  • Residential zoning
  • Property is on 1.67 acres
  • In the Shades neighborhood
  • Part of the Crown Point school district


This Serene property can be found at the end of the road. Surrounded by a Ravine on three sides. Morse St. and Morse Pl. is separated by the Ravine. To find this great piece of property from Cline Ave. South of 231, turn left on Lake Shore Dr. ( at the lake) turn left on Hilltop( stop sign) turn right on 129th ave.(stop sign) you must be on 129th Ave between Hilltop and Fairbanks, turn on to Morse Ln and head to the end of the road. property on the left.

This Property is in the process of removing  debris from an old building. The property has a Well on property, Electric and Gas that is nearby but not hooked up, city sewer is Active.

All lots have been combined in to one tax # and the assessment is in process of an amendment.
  Build your own home on this beautiful lot. Close to a boat launch. The Township is Center and Schools in Crown Point.

Lot (0.726ac ) directly next to this lot is for sale $39900.00

Contact: Mike / 708-514-4670 or michael.w.smith@xrxgsn.com
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