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80% of qualified, serious buyers use an agent to find homes.

Listing on your local MLS is the best way to get agents to show your home to these buyers.

Each MLS Listing Includes:

  • 6-month listing on your local MLS
  • 6-month listing on®
  • Listing on many top websites including® and MSN Real Estate®

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Why list your FSBO on the MLS

Because an MLS listing gets your home in front of local agents who are working with 4 out of 5 serious buyers. All agents belong to their local MLS and use it to find homes to show to their buyers. If your home is not listed on the MLS, it can be easily overlooked by the majority of active house hunters.

In the past, the only way to list on the MLS was to hire a costly selling agent and pay them a 6% commission. Now lets you list on the same local MLS used by agents for one flat fee – No selling commission! - Saving you thousands.


Since 1996 has been revolutionizing real estate by helping home sellers with tasks such as listing on the MLS, pricing, advertising and communicating with buyers - all without paying a commission.

This is why 33% of Americans selling a home no longer use a full service Realtor. Instead they only pay for the services they need. Just like buying airline tickets or buying and selling stocks, consumers have learned they can save big by doing most real estate tasks online.

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