14435 O Casey Ln
Charlotte, NC 28213
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updated Aug 1
Property Type Single Family Home
Beds 3
Baths 2
Sq Ft 1674
Year Built 2002
County Mecklenburg
Listing ID PGT1764
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Property Value: $119,900 • Loan Value: $95,920 • 30 year fixed • Change Assumptions


  • Ranch style construction
  • Single story
  • Built in 2002
  • Lot size is 7604
  • Forced Air heating system
  • Central AC cooling system
  • City provided sewer/wastewater
  • Has a fireplace
  • 2-car Garage (attached)
  • In the Back Creek Church Road neighborhood
  • Part of the University Meadows school district
  • $1,662 estimated taxes (yearly)
  • HOA Dues: $115 (per quarter)


Rent to own this beautiful 3br/2ba home in sought after subdivision convenient to UNCC, Motor Speedway, Uptown and Harrisburg.  Close to shopping, restaurants, transportation, and hospitals. Two swimming pools and playgrounds in subdivision. Lease/option and owner financing available as well.  Monthly rent of $950, with $250 going toward your downpayment  and toward paying down principal.  Ask about buyer downpayment assistance for this home.  No credit check needed.  For information call 571-249-2614.  Open House on Sunday, June 26, 2011 from 1 to 5:30 PM.
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