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1155 Parkview Rd
Grafton, WV 26354
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updated Jul 30
Property Type Farm or Ranch
Beds 4
Baths 2
Sq Ft 1875
Year Built 1940
County Taylor
Listing ID GMJ7647
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Property Value: $149,900 • Loan Value: $119,920 • 30 year fixed • Change Assumptions


  • Traditional style construction
  • 2 stories
  • Built in 1940
  • Property is on 5 acres
  • Lot size is 2 acres
  • Views of farm or ranch, general scenic, hills, natural lake, neighborhood, park, pond, reservoir, riverfront, woods and forest
  • Standard Gas heating system
  • Wall Unit cooling system
  • City provided sewer/wastewater
  • 5-car Garage (detached)
  • Barn or stable included
  • Recently renovated
  • Has a storage shed
  • Updated bathroom
  • Has a workshop
  • Updated kitchen
  • In the Parkview Along Tygart River neighborhood
  • Part of the Grafton school district
  • $600 estimated taxes (yearly)
  • Average utilities: $200.00


House and 5 Acres property (Ranch) in Parkview Grafton, WV 26354

Just outside the city limits of Grafton 4 - Bedroom Home with 5 Acres land with wide Road Frontage. 1155 Parkview Road, Grafton WV, 26354selling price set at $149,900 Purchase requires Cash or Pre-Qualified Loan. Four bedrooms. 2 full baths. Inside and outside stair entrance to second floor as well as an outside patio landing with stairs leading to the ground at the back of the house.. The house has two outside ground level, raised porches. Downstairs includes a nice kitchen with upper and lower cabinets and counters on each side with a two tub sink and a dishwasher. There are two windows in the kitchen. A large microwave is installed on the wall above the area where a gas range is normally used. The large dining room is next to the kitchen, situated near the door which opens out on the back porch. The dining room has large windows looking out across the lawn toward the two car garage. Dining room has a large 36" exit door onto the back raised porch. The family or living room is at the end of the dining room. Three good sized windows are in the living room walls. The front porch entrance gives access into a foyer, allowing entry into the living room an additional down stairs large room adequate for a mother or grand - mother's bedroom or an additional family/guest room. Also access Into the storage & Hot Water Heater room. The laundry room with full hookups shower, commode and laboratory. The gas hot water heater is contained in a room under the stairs. The stairs to the upper level is located in the entrance hall just inside the front door. At the top of the first stair landing, one enters the huge Master Bedroom which has wall to wall windows at one end and two large windows looking out toward the 2-car garage and the large/long building next to the garage. The Master Bedroom suite includes a separate room with the upstairs full bathroom and a separate room as a large walk-in closet. At the top of the first stairs landing one takes two right turn up three additional stairs to a long foyer that gives access to two more bedrooms which are on either side of this foyer. Each bedroom has a wall to wall closet. In each bedroom are two nice size windows. Out back, near the house is a sunken root cellar. On top of the root cellar is a good size smokehouse. Attached to the end of the smoke house is a large open front shed for tractors, Lawn equipment and so forth. Next to the garage is the large red siding storage building which also has several windows along the length as well as at the back end of the building. The two car garage has an attached ground level attached storage room and a animal stable. A separate outside entrance door allows access as well as an access is available from the large room above the garage. The large room above the garage can be entered from stairs which are within the garage as well as an entrance from the outside, at the back of the garage. A wood burning stove is installed within this upper garage room. Security motion lights are attached onto the outside buildings, including the garage and the attached enclosed stable and storage building. Underground 220/110/120 power is available within the outside buildings. The grassed lawn, which is approximately one to one and a half to two Acers, extends on all four sides of the house. There are four large trees along the front bordering along Parkview Road. These are on our property. One is a well know many years old, Weeping Cherry Tree. Within the grassed, lawn area back of the house and at one end of the lawn are several threes. Three are Butternut trees. The one between the house and the garage is rather large. Many flowering type bushes and small trees outline portions of the property. There are two-water well on the property. One is just outside the back porch. This one is surrounds with rock raised well above the porch level and has a wood and metal roofed canopy built over it. A directional, motion security light is attached to the front of the canopy. A large pebble rock drive leads from Parkview road up and in front of the garage. Up beyond the garage is an old henhouse situation on the first level area as one goes up toward the higher area toward the second level area before the ground becomes much steeper. These two levels are suitable for additional buildings as well as ample space for further improvements for houses or other structures. Above the second level area in a steep include before reaching a third flat level. The remaining land becomes quite steep above the third level area and includes timber up to the top of the ridge. Between the back of the garage and the hen house is a small shallow water pound that receives its water from runoffs from upper ground areas. This property with home provides many possibilities for the right owner. This property is being sold by the owners. contact Glynn or Howard at 304- 304-903-four-eight-one-zero, or Glynn at 210-865-1794 or 210-858-5957. Property also shown as 1155 Parkview Road on (Google map) (yahoo map) Location: Grafton, WV 26354
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