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3/20/2017 Forbes
All Signs Point to a Strong 2017 Real Estate Market
President Trump would like to stimulate the economy through deficit spending and deregulation. The market has responded by selling off bonds and buying bank stocks.

How will this impact the real estate market?...
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3/17/2017 PureWow
5 Kitchen Improvements That Will Bring You Serious ROI
Kitchen renovations are costly, messy, stressful...and the best darn place you can put your money when it comes to ROI. To shed light on which updates will give you the greatest bang for your buck, we called on the expertise of HGTV’s Scott McGillivray (on behalf of online real estate brokerage, Here, five improvements, both big and small, that promise a fabulous return on your investment...
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3/10/2017 The Simple Dollar
What NOT to Do When Selling Your Home
...Having your family photos strewn all over your home is fine if you’re staying put. But if you want to move, they can cause confusion for your buyers.

“Avoid showcasing personal photographs on your home tour, says Loria Hamilton-Field, Chicago managing broker of
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3/9/2017 Whine at 9
Scott McGillivray Talks Showbiz, Real Estate, and HGTV
HGTV star Scott McGillivray joins Nancy to discuss the popularity of home renovation and real estate television, while offering up great advice for home sellers and buyers. Read more in Nancy’s online column Showbiz Analysis for Parade Magazine...
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3/9/2017 Los Angeles Times
What would Americans do to make their move in 2017?, an innovative online brokerage, recently commissioned a survey of consumers considering a home purchase in 2017. As real estate prices continue to increase and inventory remains low in some markets, the study found that consumers are making significant compromises to purchase a home...
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3/9/2017 Designing Spaces
Saving on commissions when buying or selling a home
Buying & selling homes is easier now than ever before as more & more consumers are doing it online & saving a bundle in commissions & fees. See how you can have saving on commissions when buying or selling a home – We learn important information from the experts @
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3/2/2017 The Washington Post
How Not to Flip Out When Flipping a House
...“The best opportunities are not found; they are created,” says Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV’s “Income Property” and “Flipping the Block” and a spokesperson for, an online real estate brokerage. “I probably make 10 offers for every one that’s accepted, because I know if I pay market price for a property there won’t be enough profit at the end. What’s nice is that unlike when you’re buying your own house, you’re never desperate as an investor. You can walk away if the price is too high”...
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2/20/2017 Business Insider
HGTV star Scott McGillivray explains how to avoid the biggest thing that 'kills profit margins' when selling your home
...If you're planning to list your home yourself, it's important to do your homework first. Before putting your place on the market, you'll want to learn how to properly price it, how to combat scams, and how to attract qualified buyers, among other key factors...
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2/16/2017 The Nest
Scott McGillivray's Tips On Buying, Selling and Renovating Your Fixer Upper
...Scott McGillivray, host of the home renovation show Income Property, is teaming up with, an innovative online brokerage that offers tools and services to help buyers and sellers save money and time. We sat down with him to discuss how to buy, sell and renovate your very own fixer upper...
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2/15/2017 U.S. News & World Report
11 Popular Home Updates that are Worth the Cost
When you’re making renovations to a home, how do you know what’s a solid investment? A worthy update can sometimes lower the cost of utilities while you live in the home or add significant value to the home's sale price when you decide to put it on the market. Throughout any renovation process, it’s key to consider mass appeal for the sake of resale value. “You’re selling a lifestyle when you’re selling a home,” says Scott McGillivray, host of the HGTV show “Income Property.” “You definitely want to think about the demographic, but you want to be broad about that demographic as well”...
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2/15/2017 Business Insider
An HGTV star who's invested in over 100 properties explains why choosing a fixer-upper is one of the smartest moves you can make when buying a home
...A new study by online brokerage site reported that 51% of homebuyers are indeed willing to purchase a house that needs work. But not all fixer-uppers are created equal. You want to make sure that the house doesn't need so much work that it negates the discount...
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2/7/2017 Realtor Magazine
Consumers Will Compromise to Buy Homes
Consumers view homeownership as a priority and say they’re willing to make significant compromises in order to purchase a home, according to a survey of more than 1,000 consumers considering a home purchase in 2017, conducted by the online brokerage firm
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2/7/2017 Think Realty
3 Risky Moves Most are Willing to Take to Own Real Estate
The “American Dream” of homeownership still has a powerful siren song for many would-be homeowners and it can lead people to do some risky things in order to be able to jingle that special set of door keys in their pocket. According to the Home Buyer Study 2017, which evaluated the self-described thought processes of consumers currently considering a home purchase in the next 12 months...
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2/7/2017 Builder Magazine
Consumers Willing to Compromise in Order to Buy a House
...In addition to compromising their financial safety nets, the study, commissioned by online brokerage firm, showed that consumers are open to purchasing a house that may not meet all their requirements if it means they will get into a home this year. With rising home prices, consumers were asked to choose the areas where they would look to save to stay on budget...
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2/3/2017 MReport
Buyers Willing to Compromise for the American Dream
A lack of affordability in the U.S. housing market is driving buyers to make big compromises in their savings plans and in what they want in a home, according to a new study by

Steve Udelson, president of, said, "Market pressures are forcing consumers to take necessary action to stretch their purchasing power”...
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2/2/2017 Investopedia
4 Risky Moves People Are Making to Buy a Home
These days it seems that Americans may be willing to make some risky moves to buy a home. If you’re considering taking a chance, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, “How much can I really afford?”

Mortgage rates are once again above 4%, and after a December rate hike of 0.25%, the Federal Reserve is expected to make additional increases to the federal funds rate...
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2/1/2017 USA Today
Americans are making big compromises to buy homes
...According to a study commissioned by, an online brokerage, about 60% of consumers said saving for a home takes priority over saving for an emergency, or retirement and 72% said it would limit their contributions to other investment funds...
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1/25/2017 Apartment Therapy
10 Free Apps that Can Help you Find (and Buy or Rent) Your Dream Home
Your phone can do it all these days, thanks to a never-ending supply of apps. In fact, your phone can help you find your dream home in just a few taps and swipes, if you want it to. Real estate apps are a great way for aspiring buyers or just real-estate hobbyists to take a home search on the go-think looking through dream apartment listings while you're waiting in line, scoping out a hot property on your lunch break or even checking out a beach house from the doctor's office waiting room...
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1/21/2017 Apartment Therapy
America's Most Expsive Home Comes With a Helicopter & Candy Room
...Online brokerage points out that you could buy 516 homes in LA for the list price (the average list price is $483,830), and 22 homes would fit inside the 38,000 square-foot property (the average square footage is 1,700)...
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1/19/2017 Refinery29
This Is The Most Expensive House In America
Set on 924 Bel Air Road in L.A., the $250-million estate was officially listed as the country's priciest home for sale yesterday. The 38,000-square-foot, four-level property features two master suites, 10 huge guest bedrooms, and 21 bathrooms, according to People. There's also a 40-seat theater, a bowling alley, five bars, two fully stocked Champagne and wine cellars (par-ty), and a seven-person staff is included. The home was built on spec, which means it was designed to be sold, rather than for a specific client (we can't wait to see who ends up living there — our money's on Leo DiCaprio)...
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1/17/2017 Forbes
Selling Your Home "By Owner": What's Really Happening?
...If a home seller uses any realtor service, even something as minimal as just having an agent upload their listing to the MLS to advertise their home sale, NAR actually includes them in a comprehensive pool of sellers (89 percent) engaged in “agent-assisted” sales. This oversimplification of the “agent-assisted” category blurs the lines and doesn’t accurately represent the volume of sellers moving away from traditional real estate brokerages and their higher commission rates...
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1/15/2017 Candy's Dirt
Which City is Better For Football-Loving Homeowners: Dallas or Green Bay? used five metrics to compare the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers and determine which market is touchdown a touchdown for homeowners. The metrics used were home appreciation, places to watch the game near the stadium, pizza delivery places (if you’re watching the game from home), home affordability and team record...
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1/11/2017 Curbed Atlanta
Atlanta vs. Seattle: Which NFL rival city reigns supreme?
...Online, both fanbases love to talk trash that plays on stereotypes. Atlantans perceive Seattleites as kilt-wearing depressives eating kale under umbrellas while fretting their West Coast mortgages. The other side pictures overweight, sweaty Southern hogs stroking shotguns while hollerin’ for someone named Bessie to empty their spittoon. But now, thanks to a study by online brokerage, the smack-talk can have a statistical basis...
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12/28/2016 Bigger Pockets Blog
5 Ways the Real Estate Industry will Completely Change Over the Next Decade
...Services like in the United States and Your Online Property Agent in the U.K. have started offering flat-fee services in the $400-1,000 range depending on how much extra attention and services you want. All services include an MLS listing, buyer funds verification and background check, property showings calendar and offer negotiation support. Premium services include local agent support, professionally written descriptions, sales contracts, and similar bells and whistles...
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12/25/2016 Atlanta Journal Constitution
Homeowners Take Bigger Role in Selling Their Houses
...Buyers and sellers who want to be hands-on in the process will also find support from, an Atlanta-based national brokerage that offers flat- and no-fee services. Managing broker Phil Karp said the company offers a menu of options, including rebates to buyers who work with agents and a mobile app that does everything from finding for-sale properties to making offers...
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12/23/2016 Bigger Pockets Blog
7 Smart Practices to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home
Finding a buyer for the home you’re selling can get frustrating at times. In fact, even when you’ve found a qualified buyer, the selling process can be painstakingly long. This useful infographic shares 7 home selling best practices that can help speed up that sale...
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12/15/2016 CBS Money Watch
Higher Interest Rates Shouldn't Halt the Housing Market
If you’re saving up to buy a new home, you’ll need a lot more of it in 2017. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced a 25-basis-point hike in its benchmark federal funds rate and indicated that it expects three further increases in the coming year...
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12/14/2016 The Penny Hoarder
Buying a House? HGTV’s Scott McGillivray Offers 5 Money-Saving Tips
Buying a house is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. With high home prices and fierce competition, it pays — literally — to get smarter about buying.

My own foray into real estate investment began when I was in college. Now, more than 15 years later, I have hundreds of investment properties across the United States and Canada, and house hundreds of tenants...
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11/17/2016 Elle Décor
Scott McGillivray Weighs in on What You Must Do Before Buying a House
You've checked everything off of your home buying checklist. Walk around the entire house: Check! Take a contractor to the house: Check! Talk to all of your friends about it repeatedly: Double check!

But there might be something you're missing — and Scott McGillivray, star of HGTV's "Income Property" revealed exactly what that is to
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10/31/2016 Bankrate
If You're 32, Time to Buy Your 1st Home
A typical first-time homebuyer this year is 32 years old, and a typical repeat homebuyer is 52.

Those are just a couple of the many statistical tidbits that the National Association of Realtors released Monday in its annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

RATE SEARCH: Ready to buy your first, or next, home? Bankrate can help. Shop for the best mortgage deal with us...
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10/28/2016 Online Real Estate
8 Home-Selling Buzzwords That Annoy Consumers
Eighty-eight percent of homebuyers use the internet as part of their home search, according to a 2015 National Association of Realtors report. That’s clearly a portion of buyers you can’t afford to miss when selling your home. But what makes an enticing home description? Specifics and honesty are key, but with so many home listings out there, it’s also important to avoid phrases and terms that have become cliche or have taken on a new meaning. Read on for real estate buzzwords to leave out of your listing...
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10/25/2016 Curbed Miami
Florida's Top Places to Live Based on Political Preference
...Based on desirability and political scale, the best place to buy a home for Florida Democrats is Orlando while the best place for Republicans is Cape Coral, according to, an online, low commission real estate brokerage...
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10/17/2016 Good Day LA
Scott McGillivray shares tips on how to save money when buying/selling a home
Scott McGillivray is a savvy real estate investor, a trusted contractor, and "that guy from HGTV", teaching the in's and outs of income property. Scott is going to give us five tips to save big bucks whether you're buying or selling a home...

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10/4/2016 Chicago Tribune
For sale by owner: Sellers can save cash, but going solo has costs
...Changes in the real estate market make for sale by owner easier than ever these days, with options that are a little bit FSBO, a little bit traditional.

Years ago, if you wanted to sell your house solo, you'd put an ad in the classified section and a sign on your front lawn. To determine your asking price, you'd make the best guess you could. The internet has upended those dynamics completely.

Some of the most popular real estate websites, put FSBO listings side by side with those from the tried-and-true Multiple Listing Service, and they provide ready comps from your neighborhood and an estimated price for your home too.
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10/3/2016 Forbes
Home Auction Soars in Australia: A Predictor of Things to Come in the U.S.?
Online real estate auctions have become very popular in Australia, especially in major cities where property prices are rising, due to low interest rates, high demand and limited inventory. Here in the U.S. we’re seeing the same real estate dynamics. The Australian trend toward selling and buying real estate at auction may be an indicator of the future stateside as Americans become more educated about the auction process and its advantages.
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9/28/2016 Bankrate
Mortgage rates slip to 3-month low; time is right for refinancing
Fears have materialized in the past few days about the financial strength of Deutsche Bank in Germany. The concern has led to a sell-off of shares. Stock prices tumbled for Royal Bank of Scotland, too, which performed relatively weakly in a stress test by regulators.

At the same time that investors bailed out of those banks, there was a flurry of purchases of Treasuries and other American bonds, which are perceived as safe investments. The buying spree sent Treasury and mortgage bond yields down, and mortgage interest rates followed.
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9/28/2016 Curbed Atlanta
Study: where Republicans, Democrats are living in metro Atlanta
Atlanta-based — a real estate services site for consumers — did some digging into this pressing, topical matter. Although Georgia is predominantly a Republican state — trending red in the past six presidential elections — there are neighborhoods in metro Atlanta (and beyond) that are more "blue-friendly" than others.
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9/26/2016 Reader's Digest
12 Decorating Tips That Help You Sell Your Home Fast
“The number-one, top most important item is the exterior,” says Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV’s Income Property, who has teamed up with low-commission brokerage “If we can’t get people through the door, it’s hard to make them make a purchase.” He recommends upgrading your front door so it’s clean, secure, and has matching hardware with the house numbers. Start with these tricks for boosting curb appeal.
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Home Prices Rise As Sales Stumble
“Buyers are scrambling and they’re reaching and they’re really looking for places they can afford,” says Steve Udelson, president of, a real estate brokerage. He says it makes sense to look at distressed properties — foreclosures and short sales — because they are easier to buy now than they were during the housing downturn.
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9/22/2016 MSN Money
Homebuyers better act fast and don't dicker, expert warns
The summer has been a hot one for real estate, and the trend toward a strong seller's market was underscored Thursday as the National Association of Realtors released its latest existing-home sales figures.

Sales were down 0.9% in August, but not for lack of buyer enthusiasm. Instead, it's because inventory is drastically low. With fewer sellers out there, price pressure is on the rise. The median sales price was up 5.1% from last year. Steve Udelson, president of, a top 10 national real estate brokerage, gives his take on the home front.
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9/22/2016 USA Today
Homebuyers better act fast and don't dicker, expert warns
The summer has been a hot one for real estate, and the trend toward a strong seller's market was underscored Thursday as the National Association of Realtors released its latest existing-home sales figures.

Sales were down 0.9% in August, but not for lack of buyer enthusiasm. Instead, it's because inventory is drastically low. With fewer sellers out there, price pressure is on the rise. The median sales price was up 5.1% from last year. Steve Udelson, president of, a top 10 national real estate brokerage, gives his take on the home front.
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9/12/2016 Pure Wow
9 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Buying a New Home
If you decide to move forward with the sale, take the opportunity to save as much money as you can on the deal. The real estate market has changed and you don’t necessarily need to work with an old-school, traditional brokerage and pay the pricey commissions. Online brokerages like use technology-powered tools and services to give buyers more control over the transaction process and, in some markets, help you get a rebate of up to 1.5 percent at closing.
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9/8/2016 Curbed Boston
Best Boston neighborhoods for Democrats and Republicans
Tech-heavy brokerage, which recently launched in Boston, has a new report out that seeks to delineate just which neighborhoods in the city are best for Democrats and Republicans.

Where should one buy or rent if one wants to be surrounded by like-minded individuals politically?
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9/7/2016 The Simple Dollar
How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House?
There are a few possible reasons real estate agents are more likely to take a lower commission these days. For starters, available housing inventory is low across the country, and agents must compete fiercely for that dwindling business. Meanwhile, online brokerages such as Redfin and, which offer high-powered web tools and the services of local agents at a discount to traditional realtors, have grown more popular.
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9/1/2016 Palm Beach Post
Competition ramps up pressure on real estate commissions
Among buyers and sellers of real estate, haggling over commissions has become something of the norm, and the once-standard 6 percent fee is fading. A number of real estate startups market discounted commissions, and even established Realtors are feeling the pressure.

“You’re looking at a massive opportunity to save big money,” said Steve Udelson, president of, a discount brokerage that launched last year.
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9/1/2016 Forbes
Looking To Buy A House This Fall? What To Consider
The housing market is generally very strong. The U.S. Department of Commerce recently announced that new single family home sales surged in July to a seasonally adjusted rate of 654,000 units – a 12.4% increase from June – thus reaching their highest level since October 2007. Additionally, while tapering off in July, existing home sales leaped ahead in May and June to what was their highest pace in almost a decade, according to the National Association of Realtors®.
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8/30/2016 Money Talks News
How to Save Thousands When Selling Your Home
“The direction of the market now is to bring in the missing piece of the transaction and save money by just paying for that part. The market is gravitating to a la carte services in the same way that investors have started to gravitate to buying and selling their own stocks online.”
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8/25/2016 Mom Generations
How to Determine the Right Sales Price for your House has been with us every step of the way and it’s been wonderful to have resources to turn to when questions have come up for us. House selling is new territory for us, this is our first time selling a home and we want to make sure we do it smart and we do it right. What I love about is that it allows us to pay just a small flat fee to get on the MLS and not pay a listing agent commission, which is about 3%. I personally love (and appreciate) that with
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8/11/2016 Scott McGillivray Blog
4 Overlooked Smart Moves for Home Buyers
But the real estate industry is changing quickly and traditional agency models with their inherently high commissions are no longer the only game in town. New real estate services like provide you with a knowledgeable local buyer’s agent, and may offer you a buyer’s rebate on eligible properties, which can mean up to thousands of dollars back to you at closing.
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8/9/2016 House Beautiful
The Secret to Updating Your Home for Less, According to Scott McGillivray
"The biggest mistake that I see homeowners make all too often is not doing a proper inspection of the home and falling into a project that is a lot bigger than they probably anticipated or budgeted for"....
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8/8/2016 Forbes
How To Save Big When Buying And Updating A Home: Q&A With HGTV's Scott McGillivray
Scott McGillivray, expert real estate investor, home contractor and award-winning television host (“Income Property,” “Flipping the Block,” “Urban Oasis” and “All-American Handyman“), recently teamed up with® to share insights on how home buyers and sellers can use online tools and services to take control of the home buying process to save money in commission costs.
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8/7/2016 Wealthy Single Mommy
7 mistakes to avoid when home shopping
If you’re in the market for your first — or a different — home to buy, the price, of course, is one of the biggest considerations. My friends at wrote a great post about what to consider.
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7/25/2016 New England Cable News (NECN)
Money Saving Mondays: Buying and Selling Without Commission Fee
Buying home? Sorry, sellers are in charge
"The dynamics are pretty strong for sales and prices," says Steve Udelson, president of, a real estate brokerage that offers consumers a choice of the level of service they receive. But he says price appreciation is tempered by the influx of 1st-time homebuyers.
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7/13/2016 Realty Times
"Buyer emotions, stiff competition from other buyers - even feelings of losing out on the home you want challenge buyers to overpay," said And while no one ever sets out to pay more than they have to, there are certain circumstances where it may be acceptable, or even necessary. We're debating a few.
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6/30/2016 Boston Magazine
There’s a House Plopped in the Middle of City Hall Plaza
In the middle of the empty, brick expanse that is City Hall Plaza, sits a small white house.

The “house” has a white picket fence, a few planters, and a lemonade stand—but the structure is actually a 53-foot-long trailer. It’s been traveling around the country, introducing a recently acquired brokerage called to different markets. The website launched in its fifth city—Boston—this week.
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6/29/2016 Forbes
To Rent Or To Buy? That Is The Question
In today’s housing market, home prices in many areas have been rising due to growing demand fueled by an improving economy and an extended low interest rate environment. Prospective home buyers are being confronted by a dilemma: to rent or to buy. Many homeowners find themselves “house-poor” after purchasing expensive homes using large sums of savings and borrowed money — something they might reconsider if they had a better sense of the dynamics at hand.

A prospective home buyer needs to remember that buying a home is not only an investment but a highly concentrated, illiquid, leveraged investment.
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6/27/2016 Inman
Homeowners can now sell on MLS for no listing fee, whose CEO previously founded and sold one of the
most popular for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) websites, is now offering MLS listings
to sellers in dozens of states for no upfront cost or fees upon closing.
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6/17/16 Mom Generations
Prepping my House for Sale: Checking Off the To-Dos
When you decide you want to sell your house, the projects that you need to get done pre-sale start adding up and quickly! You start looking at every little thing you “wanted to get done” and wonder why you didn’t get to it weeks/months/years ago. It can definitely be an overwhelming process, especially when you’re doing much of the work yourself, but it is doable. Our “House To Do List” started out very long, but with the help of, we were able to narrow it down to top line items.
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6/16/16 It All Started with Paint
Photography Tips for Real Estate Listings
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then in real estate a picture is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars … or more.
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05/24/16 USA Today [online]
New-home sales exploded in April: What it means for buyers, sellers
The spring home-buying season has definitely sprung. Sales of new homes soared 16.6% in April, blowing away economists' expectations for a rise of 1.8%, the Commerce Department announced Tuesday. It's a huge turnaround from March, when sales dipped for the third straight month. Steve Udelson, president of real estate brokerage, breaks down what it all means.
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05/21/16 Atlanta Home Improvement
HGTV Star Scott McGillivray Reveals Buying and Selling Tips
We caught up with property-flipping expert Scott McGillivray, star of HGTV and DIY Network’s “Income Property.” With over 15 years of experience investing in income properties, McGillivray is primed to give us the lowdown on buying and selling. “I would call the Atlanta area ‘active’ because real estate is booming and people are constantly ready to buy or sell here. The diverse, transitional parts of Atlanta make it easy to please everybody,” he notes, including empty-nesters looking to downsize, DIYers looking to flip houses or newbies seeking that perfect first home.
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05/19/16 Forbes
It Pays To Get Smarter About Home Buying
The great French scientist, Louis Pasteur, famously said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind” — meaning that true advances come from being knowledgeable at the beginning of an endeavor. Today’s home buyers are taking this advice to heart. They’re doing more to educate themselves on the market, narrowing their search process using online tools and, in many cases, handling more of the home buying tasks themselves with an assist from technology.
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05/15/16 Inside South Florida (CW)
Inside South Florida - Home Buying And Selling Made Easy
May is National Moving Month! wants to help you save money whether you're buying or selling a home.
Dave sat down with Nicole Messier, spokesperson for, to talk about tips for buying and selling your home in today's real estate market.
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05/12/16 Curbed Atlanta
Report: Atlantans are Picky Buyers and Sellers
When it comes to finding the perfect house, Atlantans are apparently no settlers.
According to Atlanta magazine, survey results released by indicate that Atlanta buyers won't give up on the search for the perfect house. In fact, 25 percent of buyers in the city are willing to hunt for the perfect home for a full year, making them more patient than the national average of 17 percent.
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05/11/16 Las Vegas Review-Journal
13 tips on how to sell your home without a real estate agent
In the past, only real estate agents could have homes listed through this service. However, today’s homeowners can list their own properties on the MLS by paying a flat fee to various sites. McGillivray recommends using, which places homes on the MLS and gives homeowners access to advisors who can help with the sales process, including the closing.
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05/11/16 News 4 Jax - WJXT
Scott McGillivary Talks About Selling Your Home
05/10/16 Atlanta Magazine
Atlanta home shoppers don’t mind waiting for the perfect house
Home buyers and sellers in Atlanta are especially determined to get what they want, when they want it. That’s according to surveys by, a service that offers homeowners an alternative to both a conventional real estate agency and the for-sale-by-owner model. Here are some of the key takeaways from the data:
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05/06/16 TIME
How to Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent
...Real estate agents typically charge a 5 percent to 6 percent commission on a home sale — which is split in half if both the buyer and seller have agents, McGillivray said. If you sell your home on your own, you will save at least the 2.5 percent to 3 percent that the seller’s agent would have charged. If you sell your home for $350,000, you will save more than $8,000 by cutting out the middleman.
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HGTV Expert’s Top Tips to Sell Your Home — Without a Real Estate Agent
If you’re an HGTV fan, chances are good that you’re familiar with the series “Income Property” and its host, Scott McGillivray. On the show, McGillivray helps homeowners turn portions of their houses into rental apartments that will offset their mortgages. In real life, McGillivray — who is a licensed contractor and real estate investor — has completed more than 100 real estate transactions.
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04/29/16 NBC Miami
Buying or Selling a Home 101 with
Kelly Craig gets some money saving advice every potential home buyer or seller needs to know from Nicole Messier of
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04/28/16 U.S. News & World Report
Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home
Spring is in the air and homebuyers are coming out of hibernation. With the holidays over and the weather warming up, it’s the time of year that's typically considered a hot period for the housing market.
But this won't be your standard spring homebuying season – 2016 is expected to be a particularly powerful year for home sales.
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04/27/16 Forbes
Five Home Buying And Selling Mistakes That Should Be Avoided
Buying or selling a home in 2016 can be both easier and harder than it’s ever been. For first-time home buyers or sellers, there is a lot to navigate. This is especially true for millennials, who are beginning to come out of their economic shells, get married, start families and buy their first home.
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04/16/16 The Daily Gazette
Technology threatens the traditional 6 percent commissions for real estate agents
...Depending on what homeowners choose, they can sell their home for as little as $400 to $500 for a listing and brokerage services and then just pay the buyer's agent's commission," says Steve Udelson, president of in Luxembourg. "We're not a discounter: We just sell what a modern consumer needs and throw out the pieces they don't need.
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04/16/16 BluLabel Bungalow
24 Hours to Improving Your Curb Appeal in a Big Way
Whether you’re selling your home or in need of a exterior facelift, real estate expert Scott McGillivray and spokesperson for says it doesn’t take big bucks to make a big difference in your home’s curb appeal in just one weekend!
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04/15/16 Washington Post
Commissions of 6 percent for home sales once were the norm. That’s changing.
Mandie Sellars, a homeowner in the ­Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, had the misfortune of buying a home and then almost immediately getting a new job about an hour from her new home. Not only did she want to avoid paying commissions to sell the home she just bought and to buy another, but the market was also hot in the area where she wanted to live.
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So Money
Scott McGillivray Discusses Tips and Tricks for Successful Real Estate Transactions
...Scott McGillivray has a passion in educating homeowners to make smart renovation and investment decisions that deliver financial rewards. Most recently, Scott has partnered with, a newly launched real estate buying and selling service. You might recognize Scott because he frequently appears as an expert on morning and daytime shows and has appeared in various publications such as Forbes, USA Today and People among others.
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04/12/16 Bankrate
Many buyers confident they’ll get a mortgage
Despite the overflow of data on the lack of available credit in the housing market, many consumers have faith in their ability to get a home loan.
Nearly half of potential buyers -- 49% -- believe it's "very likely" they'll be approved for a mortgage to purchase a home, according to a recent survey. Another 37% say it's "somewhat likely" they'll get the financing they need.
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04/08/16 Redbook Magazine
6 Reasons You Should Ditch Commissions and Sell Your House Yourself
...In a nutshell, you can list your home for a flat fee, and then you get to chat with the site's realtor advisors (so yep, you still get their valued expertise) to make sure you've done everything correctly–like asking the right starting price for your home's value.
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04/08/16 Yahoo! Style
This Is the #1 Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your Home
After buying and selling hundreds of properties over the years, you could say that Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV's Income Property, knows a thing or two about real estate. We recently hosted a live chat on Facebook to ask the contractor and real estate investor for his best tips for homeowners looking to sell.
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04/08/16 MomGenerations
Chatting with Scott McGillivray about Smart Home Renovations and
There’s nothing like talking to an expert when you’re prepping your house for sale and not sure where to begin! ... I’ve partnered with, a leading online option for buying and selling real estate to help guide me on this journey and (truthfully) big adventure.
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04/08/16 ATL & Co: NBC A new way to buy & sell homes
04/08/16 Daily Two: ABC
Daily Two:
04/08/16 Atlanta Plugged In: CBS
Atlanta Plugged In:
04/07/16 Good Housekeeping
This Is the #1 Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your Home
After buying and selling hundreds of properties over the years, you could say that Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV's Income Property, knows a thing or two about real estate. We recently hosted a live chat on Facebook to ask the contractor and real estate investor for his best tips for homeowners looking to sell.
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04/07/16 Elle Decor
This Is the #1 Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your Home
..."Statistically, the majority of people will renovate their homes in preparation for selling it, which is a great idea because if you do the right investments, you're going to make the most return on your investments," he told
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04/06/16 Country Living
This Is the #1 Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your Home
...According to McGillivray, who recently teamed up with to give consumers access to the services required to successfully buy and sell a home online, the key to raising your home's value lies in making smart renovations. "Statistically, the majority of people will renovate their homes in preparation for selling it, which is a great idea because if you do the right investments, you're going to make the most return on your investments," he told
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04/06/16 Unlikely Martha
Scott McGillivray and at Atlanta Dogwood Festival will be hosting an interactive “Open House” experience at the Dogwood Festival to educate Atlanta buyers and sellers on how to manage the process efficiently and successfully maximize their savings along the way.
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04/06/16 BlueLabel Bungalow
Learn How to Navigate the Atlanta Real Estate Market with and Expert Scott McGillivray
Hey Atlanta! Join me this Saturday to meet real estate expert, investor, and award-winning television host Scott McGillivray (“HGTV’s Income Property) at the 80th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival. He’s teamed up with my partners at to host an interactive “Open House” to educate Atlanta buyers and sellers on how to successfully manage the real estate transaction process and maximize their savings along the way.
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04/05/16 Property Records Education Partners
Survey Finds That Home Buyers Are Optimistic About 2016
So, are consumers psyched for the spring home shopping season? A recent consumer survey conducted by online real estate firm finds that home buyers are optimistic about the months ahead. Of the 1,000 potential home buyers who took the...
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04/04/16 The Dana Barrett Show
HGTV’s Scott McGillivray, Rodney Sampson and Chad Cooper Plus Dana Talks Minimum Wage
...Dana had the pleasure of hosting HGTV’s Scott McGillivray, who dished on his involvement in and the upcoming Dogwood Festival.
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4/4/16 The Palm Beach Post
Consumer Confidence In Buying Homes Online Has Increased, an online brokerage firm, has released the results of a survey regarding confidence in the property-buying process and in using the Internet to find and make real estate purchases. 
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4/1/16 Atlanta Agent Magazine
Why your clients are both confused and confident about the market
...[E]vidence of growing confidence in potential homebuyers came from, which found in a survey of 1,000 people that 80 percent were confident in this year’s “homebuying environment.”
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4/1/16 MoneyTips
Consumer Confidence In Buying Homes Online Has Increased
Survey shows homebuyers have become more comfortable navigating the home buying process themselves
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4/1/16 Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Consumer Confidence In Buying Homes Online Has Increased, an online brokerage firm, has released the results of a survey regarding confidence in the property-buying process and in using the Internet to find and make real estate purchases. 
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3/31/16 HousingWire
Survey: Most homebuyers would prefer to purchase their home online
Online brokerage firm recently surveyed 1,000 potential home buyers and concluded that buyers are becoming more confident that they understand the home buying process. The findings also suggest they are becoming more self-reliant with purchasing a home. 
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3/25/16 Parade
Exclusive: HGTV's Scott McGillivray on the Need for Speed + Saving $10,000 Selling Your House
Scott McGilllivray, host of HGTV’s Income Property, knows a lot about creating value with what you already have, which is great for when you need to rent out your property — but what about when you need to sell your house in a hurry? McGillivray is about to announce a partnership with site that lets you buy and sell without broker commission fees (like Turbotax and ETrade, but for real estate). 
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3/22/16 TheStreet
Lack of Inventory Prompts House Hunters to Get Creative
2/24/16 Curbed Atlanta
Study: Atlantans are Patient and Judgemental
Surprise Atlantans! Your opinions and values might differ from those in other parts of the country. Who knew!? According to a study by, even Atlantan's home-buying and selling values differ from the rest of the country.
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2/19/16 Curbed Miami
Study: Miami Sellers Value Speed Over Price
Miamians really do live in the fast lane, even when it comes to buying and selling their homes.
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2/9/16 Cheat Sheet
4 Negotiating Tips for Homebuyers
A home purchase requires a significant financial investment. That’s why it will be important for you to do whatever you can to get the best price. If don’t have much experience with negotiating, now is the time to sharpen your skills. You can shave thousands off the listed price if you know how to ask for a deal. Here are some tips for getting the best deal on a home.
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1/1/16 SheKnows
8 Real estate photography tips to make your listing stand out
A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you are trying to convince perfect strangers to buy your house.
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1/1/16 SheBudgets
The Best Personal-Finance Products and Services of 2015
When it comes to personal finance services, there are always those better than others and those that simply do not make it onto the list of beneficial services at all. However, the great people over at Kiplinger have given us a list of great financial services that were their top picks for 2015. 
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12/17/15 The Boston Globe
Can home buying be brought into the digital age?
"Others are trying to change the traditional fee structure, such as buyer receives a rebate equivalent to about 1.5 percent of brokerage fees after the closing..."
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12/16/15 Inman News
Miami takes second in rankings of price growth recently released a ranking of price appreciation in the top 25 U.S. DMAs and Florida dominates the top 10 spots on that list.
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12/8/15 Chicago Daily Herald
Neighborhood research is at your fingertips
Prospective homebuyers often want to find a community that meets their lifestyle wish list even more than they want to buy a particular size or type of home. Finding the neighborhood with the right level of walkability, the amenities they want and the price range that fits their budget can be a challenge.
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12/3/15 Tampa Bay Times
The increase in Tampa Bay's home values ranks among top 10 in metro areas
Home prices in the Tampa Bay area rose 7 percent in the past year, enough to place this metro area in the top 10 cities for appreciation of at least one slice of the housing market. So says a new survey by real estate site that examined median prices for three-bedroom, single-family homes in 25 housing markets in the August-September period of 2015 compared with a year ago.
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12/3/15 Orlando Business Journal
Orlando among top 10 growth markets in home sales
Orlando is among the nation's top metros that have experienced some of the largest price increases in home sales in the country.
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If You Live Here It's a Good Time to Sell ranks top growth markets for home prices.
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12/2/15 South Florida Business Journal
South Florida among top 10 growth markets in home sales
"National brokerage complied data that included single-family homes above $50,000 from metro areas around the nation. It found that mid-sized cities experienced some of the largest price increases while larger markets, like New York, saw price reductions."
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12/2/15 MarketWatch
10 cities where home prices have jumped most
12/2015 Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
The Best Personal-Finance Products and Services of 2015
"On the other side of the housing transaction, Pat suggests that home sellers who want to save on agents' sales commissions visit For a flat fee, you can purchase an a la carte package of services -- from preparing a for-sale listing to negotiating an offer and closing the deal -- and choose which parts of the process you'd prefer to handle on your own."
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11/8/15 Daily Herald
Tech helps home buyers find the perfect neighborhood
"Homebuyers often want more info than a real estate agent can give them. New apps and websites can make the search much easier, offering buyers a plethora of features..."
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10/29/15 The Washington Post
Need help finding your ideal D.C. neighborhood? There’s an app for that.
", a real estate brokerage, provides consumers with direct access to neighborhood pricing information with its Trend Tracker Tool..."
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9/24/15 CheatSheet President Talks Alternatives for Buying and Selling a Home
"Buying or selling a home can be stressful. Fortunately, some companies are making life a little easier by offering online services to help buyers and sellers navigate the process. One such company is The Cheat Sheet sat down with president of online real estate, Steve M. Udelson, for a peek into what their site has to offer homebuyers and sellers."
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8/28/15 Tampa Bay Times
Rising prices spurring more people to sell their own homes
"With its stunning view of St. Joseph Sound, the Key West-style home in north Pinellas County would have been a dream listing for any real estate agent."
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8/1/15 USA Today
New DIY home sales options can save you money
"Decades ago, enlisting a real estate agent was your sole way to buy or sell a property..."
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7/16/15 MoneyTalksNews
You Could Get a Rebate for Buying a Home Without an Agent
"The Internet has made it easier than ever for potential homebuyers to find a home without involving a Realtor."
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How To Make More Money When Selling Your Home
"There’s a new way to make more money when you’re selling your home by cutting out the middle man, but still getting some help."
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7/2015 The Washington Post
Think you can find a home without an agent? You might get a rebate.
"In this day and age, many potential buyers are accustomed to finding a home through a Web search without an agent. Now they can get rewarded for it."
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6/25/2015 Inman relaunches as national discount brokerage and listing portal
"Revamped by Altisource, unbundles 'what was traditionally a bundled offering'"
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Some Homeowners Go Solo to Sell Their Real Estate
"Emboldened by a rebounding market, some luxury homeowners are bypassing real-estate agents and trying to sell their own homes."
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5/30/2015 CheatSheet
How People Are Getting More Money When Selling Their Homes
"...the number of people looking to eliminate real estate agents’ fees and strike out on their own to put their homes on the market has grown over the past decade or so..."
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3/24/15 MReport
New York Tops List of Housing Markets With Most Self-Directed Sales
"New York tops the list of real estate markets where consumers sold their homes on their own"
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03/21/15 USA Today
New real estate realities and where deals are
If you have a home to sell for whatever reason, calling a traditional realtor and paying a 6% commission isn't your only move anymore.
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3/6/2015 Mercury News
Online home sales are becoming a reality
"Are you ready to buy your next home with a single mouse click?"
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1/2015 Kiplinger
Should you sell your home yourself?
"If you live in a hot market, you may not have to pay an agent thousands of dollars to sell your house."
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Yahoo! Finance
More homesellers are going it alone - should you?
"Given the fact that demand for real estate is up while the inventory of homes on the market remains pretty tight, it's not all too surprising to see a boost in FSBO listings."
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Financial Times
Sold on the idea?
The old way of selling a home and paying 6 percent commission is no longer relevant.
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The Boston Globe
More people are selling by owner and saving in 2010
Sell it yourself and save. If you prep, price and market your home the right way, you can find a buyer - even in this real estate environment.
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Associated Press
Websites Cater to For-Sale-By-Owner Home Sellers
Selling a home without a real estate agent can save thousands of dollars in commission fees. Foregoing an agent is easier these days thanks to websites that help homeowners advertise their properties on the hottest real estate portals and even walk them through figuring out how to price their home to sell.
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Sell Your Home: For Sale By Owner Gets A Level Playing Field
In the past, selling your home for sale by owner (FSBO) meant trying to reach buyers on your own by posting a yard sign or running a classified ad. Now, however, a revolution in online real estate has shifted power into the hands of FSBO sellers and leveled the playing field.
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Cost Savings on Home Selling
Flat Fee MLS saves the average homeowner $12,000-$18,000 when selling a home. MarketWatch interviews Steve Udelson, CEO of to explain flat-fee MLS.
ABC News
For Sale By Owner, and on Your Own
Now, sellers need to be more flexible by sharing the work — and commission — with a buyer's agent, Udelson said.
Wall Street Journal
Advice on Selling a Home Without a Real-Estate Agent
One of my favorite sites,, provides a bare-bones listing at no cost; for a few hundred dollars, the site will also put your place on the multiple listing service and give limited help from a real estate agent.
FSBO 101: Six tips for those planning on selling without a real estate agent
"'Sellers also need to ask themselves if they want to use all or part of the commission they would otherwise pay in order to discount the property', said Steve Udelson, CEO of"
Baby boomers do-it-yourselfers
"More and more baby boomers are selling their homes themselves, according to a survey by The survey of nearly 5,000 home sellers found that 44 percent of people selling homes themselves were older than 45, and 7 percent were older than 65."
Washington Post
Keys to Selling Your Home Without an Agent
"Prepare you property for sale. 'It takes more than a yard sign to get a home ready', said Ann Telthorst, marketing director for, an online real estate service. 'Outside, mow the lawn and plant flowers, paint the front door, repair chipping paint, cut shrubs, and trim trees that obscure the house.'"
Web Business Thrives on Helping Sell-it-Yourselfers
"According to an audit of for-sale-by-owner Web sites by Murray Consulting Inc., 75,000 sellers listed their homes on four Web sites last October. A survey showed that snagged the lion's share of the listings, 50,000."
Fast Company
"For $12.95, you get a sign to put in your yard, but more important, you get a listing and photos on, which claims to be the largest for-sale-by-owner site with 5 million customers. The site has an answering service that fields calls from prospective buyers, eliminated the role of agents and their 6% commissions."
"Of those that focus on for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) market, has the most extensive listings of properties... Even if you don't list with the site, has a lot of educational resources and tips for effective marketing. So don't miss it."
Wall Street Journal
"Besides the savings on commissions, one major factor fueling the FSBO market is the growing reach and sophistication of online sites that not only list properties but offer other services as well. offers a toll-free number and listing ID number that appear on the "for sale" sign on the seller's yard."
Money Magazine
"The Top 50 Financial Websites"

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