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3 Best Neighborhoods in Oakland

Due to the rising costs of real estate in San Francisco, many homebuyers are exploring some of the best neighborhoods in Oakland that offer affordable housing options. While the city of Oakland may not carry the glamour of its westerly neighbor, a short drive — just over 10.6 miles — across the scenic, San Fransisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will place you right in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Prospective homebuyers considering a move to Oakland should check out the following three up-and-coming neighborhoods:

1. Golden ate

Like many areas across the country, home prices here took the proverbial hit when the real estate bubble burst a few years ago. Today, prices are on the rise in this neighborhood, and the median home price is currently $458,150. The architectural style of this neighborhood is mostly Edwardian or craftsman bungalows, plus a mix of Victorians, 1940s ranches and block apartment homes.

Golden Gate is bordered by the Berkeley and Emeryville neighborhoods, and is considered to be part of North Oakland. The neighborhood is just over 11.1 miles from downtown San Francisco, making it ideal for daily commuters who are traveling between the two cities. Shopping is plentiful with many low-key specialty shops along San Pablo Avenue. Just across the Emeryville border, you can find plenty of additional amenities, such as Trader Joe’s and the upscale Bay Street Complex. Schools in the area include Sankofa Academy, Claremont Middle School and Oakland Technical High School.

2. Millsmont

Millsmont borders interstate 580 to the north, which makes traveling throughout the city a snap. Millsmont is the farthest — just over 18.2 miles — from San Francisco of the three neighborhoods in Oakland that are mentioned here. There is a rural feel to this hilly neighborhood, and even the most modest homes enjoy million-dollar views across the water of Alameda. The neighborhood boasts a diverse architectural style that ranges from modernist split-level houses to shingled ranch homes. The median home price in Millsmont is $277,575, and approximately 52.2 percent of homes are owner-occupied. Shopping opportunities lie mostly in the Laurel shopping district, which is a short drive down Interstate 580. Schools in the area include Aspire Academy, Frick Middle School and Unity High School.

3. Adams Point

Adams Point lies on the west side of Interstate 580, adding convenience to daily travel throughout the city. This trendy neighborhood is a short 12.3 miles from downtown San Francisco, with the trek taking about 20 minutes without traffic. Neighborhood architecture includes Edwardian and craftsman homes, with a mix of Los Angeles-style apartment buildings. The median home price is $278,500, and approximately 17.2 percent of homes are owner-occupied. Shopping is convenient in Adams Point with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s within walking distance of the neighborhood. Area schools include Piedmont Avenue Elementary, Westlake Middle School and Oakland Tech High School. Lake Merritt, which rests along the southern borders of Adams Point, is surrounded by parkland including:

  • Lakeside Park: Located on the shores of Lake Merritt, this park is a popular relaxation destination for Oakland residents, and offers paved trails for biking or jogging.
  • The Gardens at Lake Merritt: This seven-acre collection of themed gardens includes a cultural and educational center.
  • Bonsai Garden: This attraction is home to one of the finest collections of Bonsai trees on the West Coast.
  • Children’s Fairyland: This historic outdoor park is brought to life through fairy tale exhibits, animals and talking storybooks.

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