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3 Los Angeles College Neighborhoods You Should Know About

When you think of the top college towns in the country, chances are Los Angeles doesn’t come immediately to mind. While it’s true that LA doesn’t have that one all-star university at the center of its existence, the way Cambridge, Massachusetts, has Harvard and Ann Arbor, Michigan has the University of Michigan. Even though there isn’t one school that defines the city, there are several Los Angeles college neighborhoods that carry that lively collegiate feel during the school year. Here are three neighborhoods in the city that are closely associated with a major university.

1. Westwood

This Westside neighborhood is home to the University of California, Los Angeles. It’s also one of the wealthiest areas in the city, and at one time, it was the center of film culture in Los Angeles. As one would expect with a large university in the area, Westwood does not lack for activities; movie houses like the Regency Village Theater still host film premieres today, while the Geffen Playhouse is one of the city’s top stages for plays. Hammer Museum is also a local favorite featuring collections of European and American paintings and drawings.

Its history and desirable location come at a premium, with Wilshire Boulevard running directly through it and the 405 freeway forming its western border. The median home value here is $971,227, according to Niche. For that price, homeowners get a town that receives marks for health and fitness and commute. Westwood combines some of the traits of suburbia with the ethnic and economy diversity and options of city life. Visit Owners.com to check out the most recent listings for Westwood.

2. University Park

With the booming downtown sector nearby and an influx of transportation options, University Park offers an up-and-coming option for homebuyers. It’s the home of the University of Southern California, the Shrine Auditorium, which has hosted the Oscars, and the neighboring Shrine Exposition Hall, which has hosted some of the world’s biggest dance music stars. Accordingly, the Park scores an A for both diversity and nightlife from Niche.

Much of the area consists of apartment buildings such as the new USC Village, a $700-million complex that also hosts a Trader Joe’s (the first in South LA), a Target and 15 restaurants. The neighborhood has also become a favorite for commuters, as well, thanks to the Expo Line, a Metro rail line that runs through the southern part of the neighborhood and has several stops serving the USC area. If you’re considering calling University Park your home, Owners.com has the tools you need to begin your search.

A photo of the campus of Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, Los Angeles, California.

Photo Source: Flickr

3. Westchester

Of these three Los Angeles college neighborhoods, Westchester has a great town to offer residents. The southern part of Lincoln Avenue serves as its main street with all the needed amenities from ample grocery stores to barbershops to restaurants.

Westchester’s southwestern portion is devoted to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which plays an important role as a transit hub. The 405 and 105 freeways make up Westchester’s boundaries to the east and south, respectively, which is great for those traveling by car. Meanwhile, the expansion of the subway system to LAX will connect residents to the rest of the city; those looking to head downtown, to Hollywood or even to the San Fernando Valley will now be more easily connected. Check out Owners.com to look for homes and experience all that Westchester has to offer today.

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