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3 Up-and-Coming Sacramento Neighborhoods to Check Out

Homebuyers who are searching Sacramento neighborhoods for investment properties are in for a fight because the area’s real estate market is hot. Competition is stiff and many homebuyers are paying over the asking price because demand for housing in the area has increased significantly. While it’s still possible to find a diamond in the rough, don’t expect to be the sole bidder on a property. Here is some useful information on some of the most desirable and sought-after neighborhoods in Sacramento.

Tahoe Park

Tahoe Park, which is just 5.6 miles from downtown Sacramento, provides a convenient commute for individuals who work in the city. Its proximity to downtown and affordable real estate options makes this area attractive to first-time homebuyers who are searching Sacramento neighborhoods. The 20th-century neighborhood features homes with a diverse architectural mix and mature shade trees throughout. The neighborhood is positioned just south of Highway 50 at 59th Street, and is close to UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento State University and Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California. Tahoe Park lies at the center of the neighborhood, providing an attractive feature with amenities for young families with children. Area schools include Tahoe Park Elementary, Phoebe Hearst Elementary and Theodore Judah Elementary School. Median home prices in Tahoe Park are $227,400, and approximately 61.9 percent of homes are owner-occupied.


Midtown lies in the heart of downtown Sacramento, making the neighborhood ideal for young professionals who work in the city. Residents will enjoy the easily accessible retail corridor in Midtown. Amenities include a mix of retail shops, offices and churches. In the heart of Midtown, visitors can explore Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, where pioneer families arrived in wagon trains during the great California Gold Rush. The architectural style of Midtown is varied, and features homes dating back to 1910. Homebuyers searching for properties in the area will find an assortment of old Victorian houses mixed in with apartment buildings, condominiums and townhomes. The median home price in Midtown is $287,970, with approximately 7.5 percent of homes being owner-occupied. Investors looking for rental properties might find this area attractive as the number of renter occupied houses in Midtown is 159 percent higher than the national average.

Land Park

Approximately three miles southwest of the downtown area, homebuyers will find the architecturally eclectic neighborhood of Land Park. English cottages and Tudor-style homes are mixed with Mediterranean villas and craftsman bungalows. These large homes, built between 1930 and 1950, are distinctive in their architecture and add a historic flair to the neighborhood. Homes in the area are favored for their proximity to William Land Regional Park and the historic Tower Theater. Area schools include Crocker Riverside Elementary, Park Vista School, California Middle School and the Holy Spirit Parish School. Median home prices in Land Park are $370,725, and approximately 71.7 percent are owner-occupied.

If you’re looking to move to Sacramento, check out these three popular areas. When you’re ready to start the search for your perfect home, head to Owners.com for a wealth of valuable real estate information, services and listings.

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