Quantcast 4 Areas for a Short Downtown Atlanta Commute
4 Areas for a Short Downtown Atlanta Commute

People who live in the suburbs and work in the city must face the daily Atlanta commute, and spending time driving in traffic every day can certainly lessen your quality of life. Many Atlanta residents are resolving this issue by moving to one of many Atlanta neighborhoods that’s close in proximity to downtown. If you work in the city, here are four top-rated, commuter-friendly neighborhoods to check out:

1. Old Fourth Ward

The Old Fourth Ward, referred to by locals as O4W, is an Atlanta neighborhood that’s a stone’s throw from downtown. This historic area, which is the childhood home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is close to many notable parks, including Historic Fourth Ward Park, Grant Park and Freedom Parkway. The area is undergoing rapid change as of late — a streetcar is in the works — as young professionals take advantage of its premium location to downtown Atlanta. Located approximately a mile and a half from downtown, it takes about eight minutes to get from O4W to the downtown area.

2. Inman Park

The Inman Park neighborhood lies northeast of downtown Atlanta. This tree-lined neighborhood is adjacent to Old Fourth Ward and features a variety of parks and some of the finest examples of historic architecture and bungalow homes in Atlanta. The charming business district known as Little Five Points includes a collection of unique gift shops, restaurants and pubs, and residents who work downtown will enjoy a short three-mile commute that takes approximately nine minutes under normal traffic conditions.

3. Midtown

There is a wide variety of available housing in Midtown, ranging from high-rise condominiums and townhomes in the business district, to Tudor-style and bungalow homes closer to Piedmont Park. This area’s easy commute downtown means that residents can spend less time on the road and more time exploring Atlanta’s cultural epicenter, which is home to Fox Theater, Woodruff Arts Center, 14th Street Playhouse, the High Museum of Art, local restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and much more. It’s a quick two-mile drive from Midtown to downtown Atlanta, which takes about 10 minutes.

4. Ormewood Park

Ormewood Park lies between historic Grant Park and the East Atlanta Village. Architecture from the 1920s is well represented in this area because shotgun- and craftsman-style homes, as well as brick bungalows, dominate the landscape. New, larger homes have also found their way into this sleepy neighborhood over the past 10 years as young families move to the area. Residents living in Ormewood are approximately 3.4 miles from downtown, so daily commuters can expect a short, 12-minute ride between home and work under normal traffic conditions.

If you’re moving to the city, but can’t bear the idea of having a typical Atlanta commute, consider checking out one of these four commuter-friendly areas. When you’re ready to start your search, head to Owners.com for a wealth of real estate information, listings and services.

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