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5 Great Atlanta Neighborhoods for New Homebuyers

Atlanta is a great place to buy a house for both young professionals and families. You can easily find a dream home in all corners of the city. These options include houses, condos and townhouses with varying amounts of land. Take a look at our top picks for the best Atlanta neighborhoods for new homebuyers.

1. West End

The historic neighborhood that writer Joel Chandler Harris once called home is becoming increasingly popular with buyers for its proximity to the new BeltLine trail and the development it’s brought with it. This area contains craftsman bungalows and Queen Anne Victorian homes, as well as standard apartment complexes. Cultural offerings include The Wren’s Nest and the Hammonds House Museum. The West End is also home to beloved local restaurants like Soul Vegetarian and Lean Draft House, and it’s well-serviced by the MARTA rail and buses.

2. Decatur

The neighborhood name Decatur can be used to describe both the quaint downtown Decatur Square and greater unincorporated DeKalb county. There are still some deals to be found here when it comes to first-time home buyers. Ranches and cottages are in steady supply, as well as apartments and townhouses. Residents enjoy multiple MARTA rail stations and bus routes, as well as boutiques and restaurants like Leon’s Full Service, Brick Store Pub and Kimball House.

3. East Point

First-time buyers can find good deals on homes in the Tri-Cities – the area around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – and East Point is one of the best options in this area. Woodward Academy, one of the city’s most prestigious private schools, is in neighboring Eagan Park. Cottages and bungalows are abound here, and the neighborhood offers ample parking and access to nearby public transportation. Popular downtown East Point restaurants include Thumbs Up Diner and Oz Pizza.

4. Smyrna

While it is outside the official Atlanta perimeter, Smyrna is a popular place to buy for both families and young professionals. There’s a great diversity in properties, from one-bedroom apartments in brand name complexes to large family homes in quiet culs-de-sac. Keep in mind that public transportation is somewhat lacking, apart from Cobb Community Transit buses that connect to MARTA. But there are plenty of amenities nearby, including SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

5. Chamblee

Formerly an industrial area, Chamblee is seeing new life thanks to development in recent years. Just about every style of house and apartment can be found in a diverse price range. A MARTA rail line runs through the area, making downtown a short ride away and I-85 is easily accessible for commuters. What sets Chamblee apart from other Atlanta neighborhoods is its diversity of dining options. You’ll find both new American cuisine at Southbound and almost every cuisine imaginable on Buford Highway, the city’s international dining corridor. The arts have also found their way to the suburb, with galleries and murals popping up frequently.

If one of these neighborhoods sounds like the right fit for you, head to Owners.com to check out local listings.

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