Quantcast 5 Great Neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio for Families
5 Great Neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio for Families

Columbus, Ohio flies under the radar for many people who are dreaming about living in a big city. However, Columbus is ranked as the 15th most populous city in the United States. Like most big cities, Columbus has many neighborhoods that are each defined with individual character. To find the best neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio for you and your family, look no further than these five recommendations.

1. Grandview Heights: Small, Walkable Town with Great Schools.

According to residents, Grandview Heights is one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio. Resident Jake Calhoun says that the school system in the neighborhood is unbeatable. He also loves that the neighborhood is small and walkable. The most popular street in the neighborhood, Grandview Avenue, offers a variety of entertainment including shops, restaurants and a movie theater. It’s also home to a large library, which supports the community vibe of the neighborhood.

2. Bexley: Charming Suburb in the Heart of the City.

Bexley is another neighborhood that’s highly acclaimed for its school system, and it also offers entertainment that’s suited for families. The neighborhood offers shopping and restaurants (not to mention a wonderful ice cream parlor). Jeffrey Mansion Park is a neighborhood favorite and features extensive walking paths, open fields and playgrounds for your kids to enjoy. While Bexley is known for being a wealthy suburb, it’s also possible to find beautiful homes in all price ranges in this neighborhood.

3. Clintonville: Informal Vibe with Something for Everyone.

Commuting to downtown Columbus from Clintonville takes around 10 to 15 minutes by freeway, which is a huge benefit in a city with ever-increasing traffic. This neighborhood is known for having character — the homes aren’t cookie-cutter suburban homes, and they offer both style and a quaint vibe. There are plenty of bike paths in this neighborhood if you and your family like to go on the occasional weekend ride. When you’re exploring, make sure you check out the Park of Roses. There is also a farmers’ market during the summer in this neighborhood, which is perfect for when you need the necessities for a barbecue.

4. Marble Cliff: Tree-lined Streets and Gorgeous Old Homes.

Marble Cliff is one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus because it radiates a sense of community. According to Columbus Monthly, Marble Cliff is a very “face-to-face community” where people know their neighbors, which is unique for a neighborhood in a big city. This community vibe is perfect for a family who may or may not need to rely on neighbors every now and again. Marble Cllff is also chock-full of history. Settled in 1890, Marble Cliff eventually became one of the first suburbs in Columbus. Mixing history with community is the perfect recipe for a family-oriented neighborhood.

5. German Village: Historic Charm and a Hot Dining Scene.

As the name indicates, this neighborhood has preserved the German heritage for centuries. German Village is home to architecture dating from the 1840s to the 1890s. This is possibly one of the best Columbus neighborhoods because of its history. The streets are lined with brick homes with wrought-iron fences, and the beautiful facades give this area a reputation for being upper middle class. The diversity is also abundant. German Village is well known for its LGBTQ community.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to plant roots with your family, Columbus, Ohio is a great city to live in. There are plenty of fantastic neighborhoods in this city that offer lots of family-friendly activities. When you’re ready to start your search, head to Owners.com to check out what’s listed in the neighborhood of your choice.

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