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5 Hottest Real Estate Markets for Young Professionals

As a young professional, finding an area with job growth and creation is the first step toward being able to make roots. Thankfully, some of the hottest real estate markets in the United States are conducive to your needs and real estate desires. As a millennial, there are many features in a city that may be important to you: a job economy that has growth and opportunity, extracurricular activities that fit your needs and accessibility to amenities without much of a hassle. Here are some real estate markets where career landscapes and metro costs meet up.

The capital of Georgia is making its mark on the map as one of the hottest real estate markets for young professionals. Atlanta is moving fast, as currently its total non-farm job growth is at 2.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Atlanta has also been ranked a top city for shopping by Travel and Leisure. The Atlanta BeltLine, in particular, is the perfect place to hang outside or dine at one of the many restaurants available to you.


Home to Ultra, one of the best music festivals in the United States, Miami has quickly become a hot spot for millennials. Though unemployment in Miami is slightly above the national average, growth of employment is at 2.3 percent (higher than the 1.9 percent national average). Miami is also a top city for nightlife, according to Travel and Leisure.


According to the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2001, at 4.5 percent. Alongside the ample job opportunities and fun, new start-ups that are hiring, the historic neighborhoods in Boston are also an appealing draw for millennials. You can snag a place within walking distance to bars and restaurants, and the public transportation is ideal if you want to live outside the city limits or explore somewhere new on the weekends.


You will find the second largest over-the-year employment increases (trailing just the aforementioned Los Angeles) in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas area, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Housing in Dallas is affordable when compared to other popular areas for young professionals. For an exciting night out on the town, check out a Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys or Dallas Mavericks game.


This Texas capital has started to take shape as a mini-Silicon Valley with its increased technology scene. In Texas, there is no income tax, which stretches your paycheck a bit further. When you combine a huge university town with a renowned live music scene — the epicenters being on downtown’s Sixth Street or on South Congress Avenue — it’s no surprise that the city scored the fourth slot for wild weekends from Travel and Leisure. If you move here, get ready to expand your waistline with all the great places to eat a meal.

Finding affordable housing within these areas is the golden ticket to entering a hot real estate market. If you’re considering a move, check out what houses could fit in your price range at Owners.com.

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