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6 Neighborhoods Chicago Young Professionals Should Consider

For Chicago young professionals, it’s important to find a neighborhood that caters to a perfect work-life balance. Luckily, the L train in Chicago offers connectivity from most popular neighborhoods in the city, making it easy to get around quickly, without a vehicle. And, when you’re not in the office, living in an area where there’s plenty to do is idyllic. If you’re interested in a neighborhood that offers city life — art, restaurants, bars and shopping — these six Chicago neighborhoods are for you.

1. Wicker Park/Bucktown

Are you looking for a trendy neighborhood? Wicker Park and Bucktown are quickly becoming the hipster capitals of Chicago. This neighborhood is perfect for anyone who loves art because it’s home to a number of art galleries. Wicker Park is also full of fantastic places to eat, drink and relax. Local Nathan Matheson says, “It’s definitely worth a walk from Wicker Park to North Ave beach; you can see the difference between Wicker Park and Old Town, and see an awesome stretch of Lincoln Park leading up to the beach.” The area offers plenty of architecturally interesting walk-ups and brownstones that have been renovated or restored to their original beauty.

2. West Town

Heather McRae, a loan officer and resident of Chicago, says that West Town is perfect for young Chicago professionals who are looking to spend about $300,000 on a home, though you can easily find upscale housing in this neighborhood if that’s your preference. The neighborhood offers a low-key atmosphere and plenty of eclectic amenities, including art, music, and shopping. Locals rave about neighborhood restaurant, Charlatan, for an Italian-American fusion meal. Commuting from West Town to the loop on the blue line is easy and should take around 30 minutes.

3. Lincoln Park

If you’re looking for a home in the city that feels like it’s surrounded by nature, Lincoln Park might be the best neighborhood for you. The median price of a home in this neighborhood is around $491,661. You’ll notice that brick homes line the abundance of nearby parks, creating a beautiful setting. Taverns and bars are a huge part of the culture in this area, so finding a spot for a quick after-work cocktail will never be an issue. A quick trip on the red or brown line will get you downtown in less than 30 minutes.

4. Gold Coast

The affluent Gold Coast neighborhood is a historic district that sports a lot of character. It’s perfect for young professionals because it’s just north of downtown Chicago, making the commute to the loop shorter than any other neighborhood to make this list – catching the red line will get you to downtown in less than 20 minutes. Upscale shopping, dining, and a fun nightlife are prevalent in this part of town. Thrillist ranked Gold Coast bar, The Bar at the Peninsula, as one of the best spots for a date night as it touts privacy, a fireplace, and shareable bar bites. Gold Coast is part of the larger neighborhood of Near North Side, where a home typically costs around $413,085.

5. Lakeview

This is the perfect neighborhood for college graduates who are kicking off their careers, and looking to purchase their first condo or home. “The neighborhood has a young crowd, and everyone is very like-minded,” says resident Megan Grey. Averaging $383,336, the buildings in the Lakeview neighborhood are full of character and history. If you’re looking for less expensive bites or drinks, this neighborhood has you covered. Establishments like BIG & little’s or Puesto Sandwich Stand offer great food at low prices.

Close to Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan, this area also offers a number of outdoor attractions. The commute, though just over 30 minutes to the loop on the red or brown line, is slightly longer than from the other neighborhoods in this list. On the flip side, if you’re a baseball fan, you can’t get much closer to Wrigley Field.

6. Logan Square

This neighborhood was recently showcased for proposing an affordable, LGBTQ-friendly housing complex. It’s also well-known for being an incredibly hip neighborhood. Local Allison Schumack says the Boiler Room is one of her favorite local spots. Logan Square also has beautiful rustic homes that set it apart architecturally, and the median home price for properties in this area is around $658,000.

Chicago is a great city to live in, especially for Chicago young professionals. When searching for a neighborhood that is affordable and offers a work-life balance, start with this list.

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