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6 Ways to Make the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

If you live in a location with gorgeous weather like Miami, try giving your patio area a face-lift to turn it into an outdoor oasis. Not only will you and your family be able to enjoy the outdoor space, but you could also see a nice return on investment (ROI) when it’s time to sell your home. Here are six ideas to get you started:

1. Remodel the Deck

If you’ve been craving a more entertaining backyard space, consider building an addition onto your existing deck or patio. According to Remodeling Magazine, a 16-by-20-foot composite deck (roughly costing $38,000) featuring built-in bench seating, decorative planters and steps leading to the lawn will retain 61.7 percent of its value (approximately $22,000), when it’s time to sell in the South Atlantic region.

For more comfort, add a screened porch to keep bugs away. You can custom-build the entire structure to match your home’s architecture and color scheme. The cohesive appearance will look great, and it may boost curb appeal, too.

2. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

In Miami, cooking, entertaining and spending time outside are part of daily life, so why not combine these factors with an outdoor kitchen and cooking options? These luxurious outdoor living accessories can produce a 100 to 200 percent return on your investment in climates where outdoor cooking is viable year-round.

Potential buyers view these upgrades as extensions of the home’s living space and kitchen, especially if the outdoor area includes plumbing and gas connections. Don’t forget to personalize the space for your needs. For example, include a miniature wine cabinet or a brick oven for pizza, so you can maximize the fun in this area.

3. Hook up Bug-Misting Systems

Don’t let annoying gnats and mosquitoes overrun your next backyard barbecue. You can prevent those bugs from buzzing around guests by installing a bug-misting system that emits botanical insecticide a few times each day, keeping your outdoor oasis as cozy as possible. These noninvasive systems aren’t unsightly, like bug zappers or fly paper, and can be easily hidden within your existing landscaping and patio structures.

4. Install a Patio Cover

Maybe you’ve already taken the time to have a landscaper design an eye-catching patio with decorative pavers and exotic plants, but can you enjoy this space on rainy days? Add value to the property and extend your enjoyment of an outside space by upgrading the patio with coverings to shield you and your guests from the sun and unexpected downpours.

Consider retractable awnings, pergolas with cloth draping, custom-built wood structures or a tiki-style thatched roof to enhance the usefulness of your outdoor living space.

5. Create an Outdoor Shower

If you have space in your remodeling budget, consider installing a practical outdoor shower. This investment is a great way to ensure the kids don’t track sand from the nearby beach into your home, and you can keep your skin healthy by washing away the chlorinated pool water before relaxing on the deck. Repeating tile and landscaping design patterns around the shower stall will help it seamlessly flow with the existing outdoor living space.

6. Hang Cooling Fans

Hanging out by the pool isn’t relaxing when the thermometer creeps into triple digits. Add a cooling system to your patio to make it inviting during the hottest days of the year. For example, misting fans disperse a fine spray of cooled water to reduce the ambient air temperature and increase air flow, helping you and your family and friends to stay comfortable, even when the sun is beating down.

As you dream of ways to enhance your outdoor space, remember to select projects that will improve your family’s day-to-day living. While the resale value of your home is important and should play a factor in your decision making, upgrades should ultimately reflect your lifestyle, so you can enjoy them 100 percent before you move to another home, whether that’s in a few years or far in the future.


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