Quantcast Atlanta Real Estate: Hottest Buyer's Markets in Atlanta
Hot Markets to Buy a Home in Atlanta, Georgia

Prospective homebuyers will find plenty of beautiful neighborhoods to peruse when searching for their future home in the Atlanta real estate market. In addition to their beauty, many of Atlanta’s hottest neighborhoods include great school districts, scenic community parks and vibrant shopping and entertainment districts.

In 2016, the three hottest real estate markets in Atlanta are West End, Grant Park and Reynoldstown, but why, and what does each have to offer? To narrow your search, use this list to explore the hottest buyer’s markets in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

West End

Originally established as White Hall in the 1830s, West End is a residential community located a few miles southwest of downtown Atlanta. Its proximity to the city and easy access to the three interstate highways (I-75, I-85 and I-20) explain its allure to homebuyers.

West End is far from just a conveniently located neighborhood; this unique urban community blends in-town living with a hospitable and historic identity. Real estate pioneers flock to West End due to its excellent location, situated on the Westside Trail with an excess of green space, beautiful parks and the BeltLine.

The tree-lined streets combined with the many historic homes offer a variety of turn-of-the-century architectural styles and an eclectic lifestyle rivaled by few communities. Homes located in West End are still affordable with a median price of $85,700, making this neighborhood number one on of the hottest buyer’s market list markets in Atlanta. With the median sales price of homes located in West End still affordable, sales are brisk, making this neighborhood one of the hottest buyer’s markets in Atlanta.

Grant Park

Its strong similarity to West End’s allure places Grant Park at number two on the list. As one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, you can expect a strong historical presence and architectural style. Grant Park was built around a giant green space and recreational area, which also includes Zoo Atlanta.

The area has a distinctive landscape with rolling hills and scenic vistas spread over southeast Atlanta. A mix of Victorian mansions, small cottages and bungalows, combined with school buildings, churches and commercial structures, including brick-paved sidewalks, define the area. However, the prices for housing in Grant Park tend to be significantly higher than West End prices, averaging $342,200.


Reynoldstown is a large, historic community located a couple of miles away from downtown Atlanta. This historic district is nestled between Cabbagetown and Inman Park. Young couples and singles alike call Reynoldstown home, and its proximity to downtown makes Reynoldstown an attractive option to young professionals seeking their first home purchase. The median sales price for homes in Reynoldstown is $261,500. The neighborhood is also well known for its walkability, so you can travel across town, visit events and experience all the area has to offer without the need to spend money on travel or gas.

The Atlanta real estate market has a lot to offer, from beautiful parks and landscapes to a bustling city life ripe with business, job opportunities and a lower cost of living than other major metropolitan areas. As a result, its surrounding neighborhoods have become extremely popular with those seeking new opportunities.

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