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Living in Cerritos: Los Angeles Metro Neighborhood Guide

As one of the most southeastern of Southern California’s Gateway Cities — named for their proximity to Los Angeles and Orange County — Cerritos offers access to big-city life with a small-town suburban feel. But with charming features like its five-star library and ambitious art scene, living in Cerritos has plenty of charms beyond freeways and easy commuting.

The Market

Education is a strong priority for the city, with 11 schools scoring a nine or higher on GreatSchools’ scale. The focus on family-friendly living is appealing to those looking in Cerritos’ current buyer’s market. Buyers get a little more bang for their buck here than in other LA neighborhoods, with a $10,958 drop from list to sale price and an average price per square foot of $373, compared to $670 in Playa Vista and $537 in South Park. These figures are a little surprising considering the area’s wealth; the median income for Cerritos is just over $98,000.

Cerritos Library

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The Lifestyle

Cerritos offers residence the Cerritos Auto Square, the largest auto mall in the world. On any given day, there are more than 20 brands of automobile available and nearly 10,000 new and used cars. The complex sold 61,938 cars in 2016, according to a City of Cerritos report.

For a city with a population of just over 50,000, Cerritos maintains a thriving art scene. The Cerritos Sculpture Garden showcases 20 pieces and currently displays permanent memorials and rotating contemporary art works. The Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts hosts performances of Broadway shows and other concerts including performances by Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston.

One the city’s most notable cultural centers is the Cerritos Millennial Library. Named the best library for children in the metro area by Los Angeles Magazine, it was the first titanium-clad building ever constructed. The latter distinction earned it honors from both the American Library Association and the Southern California Institute of Architects.

Getting Around Town

Cerritos is a commuting hub. The 605 and the 91 freeways both run through the city itself, and its eastern border runs right next to Interstate 5 — making Long Beach, Anaheim and Los Angeles all within easy reach. Because of its car-centric culture, Cerritos only has two municipal bus routes and limited service from Los Angeles County’s Metro system. To make up for the scant public transit, the city offers a Dial-a-Ride program for seniors 55 and older, with curb-to-curb service stretching throughout the city and into some neighboring towns.

Thanks to its proximity to both Los Angeles and Orange County, Cerritos can feel much larger than its small population would suggest. With multiple parks within its borders, living in Cerritos can feel like an oasis amid the concrete jungle of the Southland. Intrigued? Take a look at homes in the Cerritos area on Owners.com.

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