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Living in Keller: Dallas Metro Neighborhood Guide

With people from all over the country flocking to the Dallas metro area, living in Keller has never been more desirable than it is today. The suburb, located conveniently between the Dallas and Fort Worth metro areas, owes its growing population to its exemplary schools, large homes and plenty of options for shopping, dining and entertainment.

The Market

Keller Public Library

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The average home price in Keller is currently $406,869, which translates to an average per square foot price of $132.74. There are a number of lots available for purchase in this neighborhood, indicating that there is still room for growth in Keller. These lots also give potential home buyers the opportunity to build their own dream homes on these lots.

The Lifestyle

One of the most impressive perks of living in Keller is the city’s dedication to education, literacy and culture. The city’s state of the art library not only offers reading and study materials for residents of all ages, it also provides digital resources and community events to help improve the quality of life for Keller residents.

This dedication to literacy and community goes hand in hand with the quality schools located in the Keller Independent School District. Over the course of the past three years, Keller Independent School District has produced 21 National Merit Finalists, and Keller students have received over $100 million in scholarship offers. This kind of commitment to education is one of the reasons why Keller continues to attract young families looking for quality public schools.

In addition to the notable education options, the city also offers residents access to The Keller Pointe, a multipurpose facility with over 91,767 square feet of fitness, recreational sports and wellness programs. The facility includes a 17,000 square foot aquatics park, a multipurpose gymnasium, an indoor track, group fitness classes, camps, special events and programs.

Getting Around Town

Trinity Railway Express

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Perhaps the most desirable aspect of living in Keller is its location. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the third busiest airport in the world, is located just nine miles east of the neighborhood. This location means that for those living in Keller, travel for business or pleasure is easier than ever.

Residents also have easy access to many of the most important major highways in the Dallas metro area, including I-35E, I-820, state highway 114 and route 377. This makes weekday commuting to either Dallas or Fort Worth quick and easy.

Keller is conveniently located near the Trinity Railway Express, or TRE, which connects Fort Worth and Dallas via the DART Light Rail system. This system gives Keller a public transportation link to Denton, which is home to the University of North Texas.

For those considering a move, Keller offers abundant land, a community with a commitment to education and easy access to any part of the Dallas metro area. Check out listings in the neighborhood at Owners.com.

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