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Living in Leimert Park: Los Angeles Metro Neighborhood Guide

Leimert Park has become one of the top neighborhoods in LA, earning the title of Neighborhood of the Year from Curbed. With the Metro line to Los Angeles International Airport on the way, a surge of new housing slated for the area and a deep cultural history, living in Leimert Park means both a solid investment and access to one of the city’s most interesting neighborhoods.

The Market

Currently, Leimert Park is a great place for homebuyers who prefer single-family housing, but the housing stock in the area is changing thanks to public transit. Private developers are transforming land around subway stations into apartments and condominiums: Mixed-use developments like District Square will be introduced to the area alongside townhome-style homes built by The Olson Company.

Buyers aren’t waiting for those new homes, though — they’re paying slight premiums to get into the neighborhood now. Homes are selling for more than $8,500 above the asking price, on average. But even during this uptick in interest in Leimert Park and the surrounding area, there are still deals to be found, especially compared to other areas in Los Angeles. The price per square foot for housing in Leimert Park is just $374; in the Playa Vista neighborhood, for example, it’s $537.

Vision Theatre

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The Lifestyle

Leimert Park has historically been a center of African-American arts and culture in LA. That tradition lives on at venues like the classic Vision Theatre, which was built in 1931 and is now owned by the city.

The diverse restaurant choices are also a draw to living in Leimert Park. Phillips Bar-B-Que, Ackee Bamboo Jamaican Cuisine and Earle’s on Crenshaw each attract fans from around the city. It’s common to see people take their meals from one of these spots to the neighborhood’s park to watch a drum circle, according to Curbed.

Getting Around Town

Leimert Park is the next neighborhood to see added attention due to public transit expansion: The upcoming Metro light rail line to Los Angeles International Airport will run straight down Crenshaw Boulevard, one of the area’s major thoroughfares. It intends to make airport runs and trips to Hollywood a lot easier for local residents. To further the car-free future of Crenshaw, LA has declared the boulevard one of its Great Streets, which means the city will improve bike lanes, landscaping and other features to make it more pedestrian-friendly.

For those still commuting by car, Leimert Park’s location between downtown and Santa Monica offers easy access to the 10 Freeway. Crenshaw Boulevard runs along the west side of the neighborhood all the way through Inglewood and out to Rancho Palos Verdes in the South Bay area, providing a surface street alternative to the 405.

The park from which the neighborhood gets its name is alive with drum circles, performances and festivals, which draw plenty of visitors. Now, with new transit and housing prices affordable for the region, Leimert Park may be at its most appealing to those in the market for a new home.

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