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Living in Marietta: Atlanta Metro Neighborhood Guide

First settled in the 1800s, Marietta is one of Atlanta’s oldest suburbs. It’s also one of Atlanta’s most historically relevant cities since it was burned during the Civil War in Sherman’s March to the Sea before being rebuilt. Today, it sits 15 miles northwest of the city and is centered around a historic square with shops and restaurants. Steeped in history, living in Marietta gives residents access to a variety of cultural events and attractions.

The Market

The housing market in Marietta is diverse, including historic homes on the Square as well as newly built homes and apartments in the surrounding area. The average home sales price is $235,000, while the average price per square foot is $115. Homes also sell at an average of $5,900 less than the list price, providing good value.

Marietta is an attractive area for young families and those looking to expand their family in the near future since it’s known for its award-winning charter schools and tight-knit community. A number of major companies also have operations in the area, including Lockheed Martin, Amendia and WellStar Health System, providing residents with many job opportunities.

The fountain in the Marietta Square

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The Lifestyle

While there are many regular events like concerts and parades, local favorites include the Fourth of July celebration, weekly farmers markets and winter ice skating on the Square. Theater troupes and traveling shows perform at places like the Jennie T. Anderson Theater, the Earl Smith Strand Theatre and Theatre in the Square. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy ghost tours, Marietta Food Tours and seasonal pilgrimage tours of the neighborhood’s finest and most historic homes. Other attractions include the Gone with the Wind Museum, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art and the Marietta Museum of History.

When it comes to food, Marietta’s restaurant scene is diverse. In the Square alone, you can find Australian meat pies, Colombian tamales and Vietnamese soup. If you’re looking for a drink, Red Hare Brewing Company is Marietta’s only craft brewery and offers tours and tastings in their taproom.

Marietta Diner

Photo Source: Flickr/Stephen Rahn

Getting Around Town

The majority of Marietta has all of the amenities you might need, especially grocery stores and retail shops. That said, public transportation is still evolving in Marietta. Currently, CobbLinc connects to MARTA, the metro Atlanta transportation system, at Arts Center and Midtown stations. Parking is plentiful in Marietta and even in the Square, except during events. Parking garages are free on weekends and on weekdays after 4:30 p.m. Traffic can be difficult in Marietta, especially on I-75 from the county line until the Kennesaw exits.

The city of Marietta has a high-walkability level. It also boasts plenty of parks and green spaces for you and your loved ones, whether you’re starting a family or looking for a place to walk your furry friend. However, the more commercial side of Marietta, known as East Cobb, isn’t very walkable.

A charming suburb, Marietta offers all the best aspects of living in Atlanta — minus the downtown prices. If you’re ready to call this suburb home, head to Owners.com to search for a house in your price range.

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