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Living in Playa Vista: Los Angeles Neighborhood Guide

Since the completion of the planned community and the advent of Silicon Beach, named for the tech-heavy workplaces of Venice and other sand-adjacent communities of Los Angeles, Playa Vista has become a hot neighborhood for those looking to buy property. Today, living in Playa Vista means enjoying a small, self-contained community with most of what you need right down the block.

The Market

With so much of the housing stock in Playa Vista being brand new, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the average sales price of homes in the area checks in at just over a million dollars and that buyers are still hungry, with the average sales price being $6,145 more than the list price and buyers paying an average of $670 per square foot. Those considering living in Playa Vista should be comfortable with condo living, with single-family homes coming at a premium.

Playa Vista

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The Lifestyle

As a recently developed planned community, Playa Vista is laid out to provide everything a resident could want within a very small area. Runway Playa Vista, a mixed-use development with retail, business and residential units, has coffee shops, an upscale supermarket, a yoga studio, a park, a movie theater and other amenities.

The development is also committed to providing quality outdoor space, with 29 different parks, including a seven-acre space dedicated to sports with basketball and tennis courts, as well as a soccer field. The goal is for every home to be within a five-minute walk of a green space, according to the developers. That outdoor living is also reflected in the neighborhood’s event schedule; it’s a rare summer weekend that doesn’t see a movie screening, a concert or even an outdoor yoga class.

Getting Around Town

With the advent of the Campus at Playa Vista, the area’s main employment center, commute times are small to nonexistent for anyone who both lives and works in the planned community. Most of the condos come with covered parking, and street parking in the residential areas tends to be plentiful.

Between its general lack of public transit options and the all-in-one feel of Runway Playa Vista, the area can feel like its own private oasis. The 405 freeway is close by, which easily connects the neighborhood to the South Bay beach communities and Los Angeles International Airport. It also offers easy access to Loyola Marymount University and the college-adjacent Westchester neighborhood.

On weekends, it’s common to find neighborhood residents in nearby beach areas like Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey and southern Venice, each of which is easily accessible by bike. The Ballona Creek Bike Path runs across the northern edge of the neighborhood, connecting eventually with a separate path that runs along the beach from Santa Monica all the way to Redondo Beach.

This small sliver of Westside Los Angeles is attracting tech workers and families to its well-manicured blocks. If life in Silicon Beach is calling, check out potential homes on Owners.com.

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