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Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago Ideal for Budget-Conscious Renters

In the heart of the Windy City lie reportedly the safest neighborhoods in Chicago, spectacular skyline views, unique family-focused activities and more. Yet the Chicago’s city center can also be a little lacking for some, as far as personality goes. For the lifelong Chicagoans that appreciate authenticity, the city’s heart lies within the neighborhoods outside of the city center. The grit, the character and its comforting Midwest charm all play a role in distinguishing Chicago from other major metropolises.

And no matter where you’re searching for a place to live in a city, affordability and safety are typically top-of-mind. Here is a list of up-and-coming neighborhoods to live in that offer peace of mind and won’t put a dent in your wallet.

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Adjacent to the red-hot Logan Square and Roscoe Village neighborhoods on the Northwest Side, Avondale is one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s less than five minutes away from Logan Square’s trendy restaurants and cocktail bars, and rent averages $1,350 for a two-bedroom apartment, according to Curbed Chicago. Depending on traffic, Avondale is also about a 10-minute drive to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Public transportation is plentiful and includes bus routes 68-Higgins, 77-Belmont and 152-Addison as well as the Blue Line elevated train at the Belmont stop.

Edison Park

This neighborhood feels like a city within a city. Family-owned restaurants, shops, bars and other businesses are thriving in the area and it’s a quick drive to O’Hare Airport. Schools like Edison Park Elementary and Ebinger Elementary are high-performing. And according to the Chicago Tribune, the neighborhood boasts the lowest crime rate in Chicago. Public transportation in Edison Park includes the Blue Line with the Jefferson Park stop and 68-Higgins bus.


This neighborhood is tied for 74th among Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods in terms of crimes per capita, the Chicago Tribune reports, so safety is clearly one of Dunning’s assets along with its reputation for being both walkable and affordable. The Polish-dominated Schorsch Village — best known for distinct bungalows, English Tudors and ranch-style homes — is the heart of the area, and the 152-Addison bus is the most popular mode of public transportation.

West Elsdon

This neighborhood’s close proximity to Midway Airport is certainly attractive to flight attendants, pilots and TSA employees who can walk to work. West Elsdon is a relatively safe neighborhood that’s home to a diverse population. With the airport as its major attraction, there are many hotels, fast-casual restaurants and big box stores in the neighborhood. Family-owned businesses give the area a warm, local vibe including taquerias like El Herradero and Taqueria El Pastor. The Orange Line elevated train and 53-Pulaski bus run through the neighborhood.

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