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Staging a Home: Overcoming the Challenge of Dated Furniture

When putting your home on the market, the goal is to sell it for the asking price. To turn this dream into a reality, the process of staging your home is critical. With proper staging, you’ll create a visually appealing environment designed to capture and captivate potential buyers. However, you might be faced with the dilemma of staging a home furnished with outdated furniture, which can pose a serious problem. When visual appeal is lacking, your property will be less attractive to buyers.

With the expert advice of a professional, a home with outdated furniture can be transformed into a positive scene by highlighting, instead of detracting from, the best features of the house. Consider the following tips to maximize your home’s appeal.

Staging Tips From the Pros

When furnishings are out of date, your home may convey a somber effect on upbeat buyers interested in and searching for light, space and sunshine versus a drab, depressing and daunting atmosphere.

As professional home stager Kelley Gardner says, “Most buyers make their final selections using the tools of the Internet, so they rule out the dated, ugly and messy homes that could actually be gems if the homeowners had taken the time to update the rooms.”

According to Houzz, home staging pros Rachel Moore and Robin DeCapua of Madison Modern Home agree that, “Professional home stagers can look at your home with fresh eyes and see both the strengths and flaws that may be invisible to you as a homeowner.” This equates to creating an open and airy atmosphere that shows off the size of each room and its features in the best possible light.

Removing the Clutter

Lisa LaPorta, a staging professional, suggests removing clutter as a first step to redesigning a room. While antique pieces, vintage pillows, old paintings and ornate rugs reflect your interest in the art deco style or the Victorian era, they can be overwhelming and suffocating to others. If it doesn’t add value to the home, it becomes a distraction to buyers. These two steps will help start the staging process:

  1. Unclutter each room of excess furniture. Potential buyers should be able to visualize how the home will look with their furnishings, and an outdated sofa and coffee table may impede this objective. Less is more.
  2. Store and replace old furniture. Store furniture in a rental space and replace with a few strategically placed pieces to enhance the beauty of a room. If you don’t want to purchase new furniture, store the old pieces and select items with a short-term agreement from a furniture rental store.

Removing You From the Home

Naturally, you’ve collected items throughout the years, and they’re proudly displayed in your home. If you’re planning to stay, this is fine, but you’re putting your home on the market. Focus on a new mindset, and realize that soon, the house will be someone else’s home. Keeping this perspective in mind, remove any collectibles that shout “you.”

Whether it’s a collage of family pictures laying out your family tree, childhood toys, memorabilia, dated picture albums, vintage rugs, old pillows or family portraits gracing the walls, these items should temporarily go into storage.

Removing your personality from the atmosphere when staging a home will prevent potential buyers from having a difficult time envisioning themselves living there while surrounded by your personal effects.

Sprucing up a Front Door, Outdated Kitchen and Bathroom

While furnishings take up a portion of the visual scene created by a staging pro, other areas can also use a fresh and current look. Several areas to consider include:

  • Front door: A first impression is the only impression that matters. If the front door looks worn out, apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Kitchen If the kitchen hasn’t been updated in a while, now’s the time to remove the old and add a dash of new, even somewhere small like cabinet handles. Remove clutter from countertops to project a larger surface area.
  • Bathroom: Like the kitchen, hardware can make a difference. Replace old doorknobs and fixtures.

When staging a home, the goal is to present the property in a way that enhances every nook and cranny. Sometimes, this means letting go of old and outdated furniture to achieve an improved selling effect. Visit Owners.com for more home selling and buying tips.

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