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Statement-Making Home Decor Ideas for Every Room

Many homebuyers are on the hunt for a turnkey home requiring no renovations after move-in. If you want to wow guests and buyers alike, a well-executed interior design with the appropriate finishes and features is an absolute must. To accomplish this task, each room in your home should have a unique focal point to attract attention and create a sense of space.

Take inspiration from the following home decor ideas to highlight your home’s features with sought-after upgrades that will provide a high return on investment.

Living Room

The condition of your living room sets the tone for the rest of your home. Include a warm and welcoming focal point in this space, such as a striking fireplace. According to The Washington Times, a fireplace is one of the most desired features in a home, even if it’s rarely used.

However, an oversized brick fireplace can overwhelm the space and turn off potential buyers, even when it’s painted a neutral color. Give your fireplace a modern makeover with a sleek surrounding made of stainless steel or poured concrete. You can also repaint or replace an old fireplace screen for an easy, inexpensive update.


Homes with modern, updated kitchens are highly coveted on the market. According to Houzz, nearly one-third of homeowners remodeled their kitchens in 2014, making it one of the most popular rooms homeowners spent time, money and effort upgrading.

If you plan on updating anything in your kitchen, spring for new appliances first, as these features are at the top of most homebuyers’ wish lists. While stainless steel remains popular and blends in with contemporary and traditional kitchen styles, installing gray and brushed metal-finished appliances is a unique, stylish alternative.

Dining Room

The dining room isn’t extinct yet, especially for families who love to host gatherings. Make the most of this entertaining space by transforming it into a destination where gorgeous wallpaper and a dramatic chandelier can step up the formality a few notches.

Cut costs by choosing a stenciled pattern or a luxurious paint color. Cost-friendly options for chandeliers include flea-market finds or knockoff mod styles available at mass-market retailers.


Bathroom renovations can be pricey. Remodeling Magazine estimates the national average for a bathroom remodel is around $18,000, but a few key design elements can make a big impact. Create a captivating bathroom vignette with a new vanity, sink and mirror. Cabinetry with legs and open shelves that look like repurposed furniture are also trendy.

If these options don’t fit in the budget, a statement mirror, such as an ornate vintage piece or a large round metal mirror with a rope hanger, can enhance the space and draw attention. Keeping the existing shower, tub, toilet and sink within the same footprint may potentially save you thousands of dollars, and you won’t have to worry about relocating plumbing or electrical wiring.


Homebuyers love reclaimed wood for its sustainability and timeworn beauty. A bedroom focal wall crafted from reclaimed wood opposite to the room’s entrance can introduce character to make the space more inviting.

When accenting a wall with reclaimed wood, balance is key, so select a wood type with wide appeal that doesn’t overpower the room. Create a similar effect with wallpaper resembling reclaimed wood or a wall painted in a rich hue.

Every space needs a one-of-a-kind feature to make it memorable. If you’re preparing to sell your home soon, take a look at the homes selling in your area at asking price to see what design details the local market demands before remodeling. With these design and home decor ideas in mind, add value and ambiance to every room in your home and receive the most out of your investment.


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