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The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

For years, Los Angeles has been a staple city for the entertainment and digital world. As technology evolves, the job market in Los Angeles strengthens and grows outside of these two established industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LA has one of the highest year-over-year employment increases in the nation for all employment opportunities.

The best neighborhoods in Los Angeles provide a unique growing pool for young hopefuls betting on new opportunities and migrating to the city of stars. The influx of people calls for more housing opportunities, and a revitalization of parts in the city that weren’t considered hip and trendy in the past. The best neighborhoods in Los Angeles are experiencing growth and turning into central hubs for all types, not just movie stars.

From the LA beaches to the valley, there are some fantastic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Check out the five best neighborhoods in LA:

1. Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock has been an underrated neighborhood for too long. This neighborhood has incredibly beautiful streets, such as Hill Drive, and it’s also a hip and vibrant area that has yet to completely blow up in popularity. Check out Eagle Rock Brewery on your first trip, and you might just fall in love with the area.

Eagle Rock also ranks as one of the safest neighborhoods in LA, and the prices aren’t bad, either. Home prices remain relatively low compared to the greater Los Angeles area, with an average of $461,588.

2. Downtown LA

To many LA natives, Downtown Los Angeles was never considered hot, but revitalization efforts have finally caught on and developed the area, and the neighborhood is quickly becoming more attractive. Condo and loft living have taken off, and Downtown LA has a unique art scene, ideal for budding artists searching for inspiration.

Compared to the more expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, such as Brentwood, living in Downtown LA is incredibly affordable. Homebuyers can expect to see average prices of $164,055 when searching for their next home.

3. Culver City

There’s nothing better than winding down with some jazz music and a nice Manhattan at the Culver Hotel. Culver City used to have only one claim to fame, the Sony Pictures Studio. Now, the area has its own bars and restaurants popping up, with a larger post-college demographic moving into the area.

Culver City is one of the more expensive neighborhoods to hit the list, but the average home price is still below a million at $618,000, which is a rarity in big Californian cities.

4. Atwater Village

Located near Glendale, Atwater Village is the perfect spot for young professionals ready to skip the bar scene, but not quite ready to commit to full-on family life. The food scene in Atwater Village has seen tremendous growth and diversity, as well, so if you’re a foodie looking for great eats, this location is ideal.

Home listings in Atwater Village boast an average of $557,500. Atwater Village is also near I-5, which is a driver’s fantasy if you commute to work every day.

5. Azusa

This neighborhood is home to Azusa Pacific University, which created an indelible college scene in this neighborhood. There are plenty of bars, clubs and sporting events for even the most fanatic sport enthusiast or avid partier.

With an expanded Metro, accessibility into the Glendale and greater LA area is a breeze. Add this aspect to the insanely low average home price of $311,600, and you’ll see why it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Strike sooner rather than later, before housing in the area becomes more expensive.

Finding the best neighborhood in Los Angeles doesn’t have to mean buying an expensive house. There’s a wide variety of culture, arts, restaurants and more in the city of stars. As the city becomes diverse with a new breed of homebuyer, the neighborhoods will develop into further greatness. Purchase a home in an up-and-coming neighborhood before prices rise too high, and you just might see the return on your investment thrive.

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