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The Hybrid Real Estate Model: Something for Everyone

Widespread internet use revolutionized the real estate industry. Today, buyers have unprecedented access to listings and can tour for-sale homes anytime they want. Anyone can choose the level of service they need and their ideal price for a custom experience. This access has made the hybrid model, which blends the best of traditional and for sale by owner (FSBO) real estate models, one of the most attractive ways to buy and sell real estate out there.

The Hybrid Model

Until recently, selling a home offered two all-or-nothing options – traditional or FSBO models. Sellers opting for a traditional model receive a high-level of service, but also typically pay a hefty 6% in commission fees (half to the buyer’s agent, and half to the seller’s agent). FSBO sellers, on the other hand, handle most of the process on their own and, as a result, do not have to pay the standard sell-side commission, which averages 3%. Unfortunately, the FSBO experience may result in a lot of work for the seller. Additionally, they are more likely to miss out on a portion of buyers as many buyer’s agents are hesitant to work with FSBO sellers because they feel they’ll have to do most of the work. Hence, the need for a hybrid model – a new way of selling a home that leverages the best of both the traditional and FSBO models.

Today’s technology offers sellers more access to tools, data, and content than ever before. Modern home sellers feel more empowered to manage parts of their selling experiences. With a hybrid model, sellers can choose a customized package by selecting from a menu of services that allows them to only pay for what they need. Online platforms, such as Owners.com, offer several different packages giving sellers options on how much service they want including help and support from licensed real estate agents.

Some services are no-brainers, like paying for a listing in your local MLS. According to American Economic Review, “The probability of a quick sale is higher for houses initially listed on the MLS.” Many hybrid model platforms offer free trials and low-priced packages. Even the highest-end package, complete with support, signage, state-specific real estate forms and national and local exposure on your MLS, may be worth the investment as it could result in a significant savings over the full commission fee paired with a traditional service model.

Save Money, Avoid Mistakes, and Stay in Control

The hybrid model lets you choose the amount of support you need, sidestepping the potentially expensive errors an inexperienced FSBO seller might make, and you receive the MLS exposure and other support that used to only come with traditional representation. Take advantage of modern selling strategies using social media and other online promotion methods, and take control of who enters your house and when they do it.

When it comes time to sell, think about what you personally want and need. If you need to be driven around by an agent and have everything done for you, the traditional method is probably the way to go, or if you perhaps have real estate experience and feel confident doing it all on your own, FSBO may work for you. However, for many buyers and sellers, a customized service, like the model provided by Owners.com, offers the best of all worlds.


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