Quantcast The Reality of Buying a Home (and the Surprises That Come With It!)
The Reality of Buying a Home (and the Surprises That Come With It!)

A week or two after you move into your new home and get settled, things will start to look a little different. You’ll find light switches that you never saw before, notice a surprise spring flowerbed popping up in the backyard and maybe even discover your new neighbor is a gourmet baker who shares a sample of every recipe she tries. Fabulous! Buying a home means buying its quirks — both good and bad — so don’t be surprised to discover these things as you settle into your new home.

Marble Countertops Are a Cook’s Best Friend

The first time you roll out cookie dough or a pie crust in your new kitchen, use the marble countertops. You’ll find out that they naturally stay consistently cool, making them the perfect surface for many cooking endeavors. Just don’t forget to wipe up coffee and tea spills quickly, as they can etch marble, leaving the surface dull and damaged.

Butcher Block Countertops Become Multitaskers
During an open house, you were excited to spy a giant slab of butcher block to use for your salad prep station. But, did you also know that surface can handle moderate heat, too? It’s a great landing place for trays of fresh-baked cookies or loaves of cooling banana bread. Be careful though — boiling hot pots are too hot and will scorch the surface. Maintain butcher block countertops by oiling them once a year with coconut or olive oil to hydrate the wood.

Attics Are Surprisingly Useful Secondary Spaces
Did you thoroughly explore the attic of your home before making the purchase? If not, you’re not alone. Take a peek. You might just find a great space to convert into a kid’s playroom, hobby area or home office. Consult a contractor for even more ideas, which may include professionally finishing the area and adding some valuable square footage to your new property. If the attic is unfinished, and you prefer to leave it that way, use it to store off-season holiday decor or an extra layer of insulation.

Your Copper Fixtures Will Change Colors
Once you start using your bathroom and kitchen on a regular basis, you’ll notice something odd happening to your beautiful copper metallic fixtures. Over time the shiny finish will dull and take on a classic antique patina. While this isn’t the original look you went for, it still adds plenty of charm and character to your home.

Bathrooms Often Hide Luxurious Surprises
Until you soak in your first bath or shower at your new home, you won’t really know how relaxing this space truly is. You might discover a steamer in the shower, jets in the tub or a heated toilet seat. Be sure to examine your new bathroom and notice any features you may have missed during the open house.

Yard Details Come Alive in Summer
Once you take a weekend and do some basic lawn maintenance and trimming, you might uncover additional surprises about your new property. Is there a cement patio hiding under the overgrown bushes? Or maybe you’ll discover that bare wooden pergola is home to a gorgeous flowering vine as the weather warms up. The possibility of uncovering new spaces and features may give you an extra incentive to get that yard work done sooner rather than later.

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