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Toledo Real Estate: The Best Suburbs in Toledo

Home buyers searching for Toledo, Ohio real estate will find many suburbs to the south and west of the sprawling city along the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. Toledo is a major Great Lakes port and a transportation and industrial center. It is located at the mouth of the Maumee River, about 60 miles south of Detroit and 115 miles west of Cleveland.

Here’s a quick overview of the top three suburbs in Toledo:

Franklin Park

According to AreaVibes, Franklin Park is the number one suburb in Toledo and number 39 in the state. The cost of living is 3 percent lower than other parts of Toledo and well below the national average by 12 percent. The median home price is $110,321 with approximately 63.6 percent of Franklin Park houses owner occupied.

Franklin Park boasts a balanced mix of beautiful parks, shopping and entertainment venues as well as authentic homestyle restaurants. In addition, families with small children will enjoy the convenience of Monac Elementary School, which is located in the center of the neighborhood.

West Gate

West Gate comes in at number two in Toledo and number 55 in the state on AreaVibes’ best neighborhood list. The cost of living is 1 percent higher than the Toledo average and 9 percent lower than the national average. Homes in the area have a median sales price of $119,683, which falls just below the state average of $129,600. Housing in West Gate is split between rented properties and owner-occupied dwellings.

Residents can choose from a wide selection of restaurants, shopping venues and other family activities surrounding the thriving neighborhood. Some popular schools in this area include Old Orchard Elementary School and The University of Toledo.


The beautiful neighborhood of Beverly ranks number three on the best suburbs in Toledo list and number 69 in the state. Beverly is located southwest of downtown Toledo, east of Route 24 and west of State Route 25 and the Maumee River. The cost of living in Beverly is 3 percent lower than Toledo’s average and 12 percent lower than the national average, while median home prices are 40 percent lower than the national average, with a median sales price of $100,193. However, 74.2 percent of occupied housing in Beverly is owner occupied, which is an attractive marketing tool should residents decide to sell their home in the future.

Beverly’s close proximity to the Maumee River provides residents with easy access to fishing and boating activities. Other neighborhood amenities include the Beverly Elementary School, Beverly Park and the Toledo Country Club.

Toledo Area Attractions

Toledo residents have access to many activities throughout the year, including museums, parks and theaters. A few of the most popular ones include:

  • South Toledo Golf Club: Built in 1925, this 18-hole course was originally designed as a country club, which explains its lush greens, protected by 41 bunkers. Several thousand trees cover the course, making for one of the most beautiful courses in the state.
  • Toledo Museum of Art: Since 1901, the Toledo Museum of Art has earned a reputation for the quality of its collection. The museum contains over 30,000 pieces of both American and European paintings and ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman works, as well as a diverse collection of medieval art, sculptures, and contemporary art.
  • Wildwood Preserve Metropark: This 493-acre park is surrounded by natural beauty and bisected by the Ottawa River. Its main attraction is the system of trails traversing the varied terrain.
  • Col. James M. Schoonmaker: Launched in 1911 and once the world’s largest bulk freighter, this fascinating ship has been restored to its original glory and now functions as a floating museum.
  • Franklin Park Mall: This property offers Toledo residents premier shopping with a ton of specialty retailers, a gigantic theater and a diverse selection of dining choices, from casual sit-down restaurants to a traditional food court.
  • Historic Old West End: Boasting one of the largest collections of late Victorian and Edwardian homes in the nation, visitors to Old West End can step back in time to admire the days of yesteryear.
  • Toledo Zoo: Featuring over 4,800 animals and representing over 700 species, the Toledo Zoo is one of the world’s most complete zoos. Kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy spending a day with the animals.

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