Quantcast Using Virtual Reality Technology to Design Your Home
Using Virtual Reality Technology to Design Your Home

In today’s world, virtual reality technology plugs into our everyday lives. While many people use their mobile devices to order pizza or stream movies, you can also utilize the technology in the homebuying process. If you’re looking at properties that require extensive renovations, remodeling and home design apps can help you better envision the property’s potential. These helpful apps allow you to rearrange furniture, peruse paint colors or manipulate floor plans via your mobile device. The next time you’re trying to visualize a home’s potential and how it might look after renovations, be sure to have the following apps handy.

Paint Color Apps

Paint manufacturers entered the world of virtual reality technology by introducing apps that allow you to compare paint colors. For example, the Benjamin Moore Color Capture App allows you to match paint colors with photos captured on your device. The price is right, too, as this app is free for Android and iOS users.

While this app can certainly assist you in developing a color scheme for your potential home and renovation projects, don’t expect it to provide exact color representations. The difference between an LCD screen and a painted surface can vary significantly.

The Sun Seeker App

The Sun Seeker is a unique app allowing you to locate the sun at various times of the day or year. It’s useful for determining how much light a potential home may get and where you can expect to see the light come in. It can also help you arrange and place lighting, furniture, artwork and other home decor items dependent on the home’s lighting conditions. The sun seeker app retails between $7.49 for Android and $9.99 for iOS users.

Home Design Apps

Several apps can create a quick draft of your floor plan right on your mobile device. These apps are ideal for creating project layouts or viewing potential furniture arrangements. Two of the most popular apps are Home Design 3D and Mark On Call, a home design planning and decorating tool used for interior room design.

Photo Measures

Some apps even allow you to snap a photo of your room or project and draw the measurements on the screen. You can also add personal notes and highlight important areas. For example, Photo Measures provides an easy, quick and nifty way to conveniently save measurements on your device.

iHandy’s Carpenter App

This app is one of the most useful apps on the market for a plugged-in buyer interested in remodeling or do-it-yourself projects, especially when you can’t find your traditional tape measure. Carpenter combines several tools into one central app, including a ruler, a plumb bob, a protractor and two types of levels. Better yet, it comes at a great value with a price point of $1.99 for both iPhone and Android devices.

Organization and Management Apps

Anyone who has worked on a large home improvement or remodel will understand the importance of project organization and management. Management and organization apps can help you share photos, products, materials and to-do lists with others. The Asana mobile app is one of the best available options, and it’s free, so you couldn’t ask for a better value.

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