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When is the best time to sell?

Regardless of how the market is doing, you may need or want to sell your home. It may seem intuitive as to when to sell. Spring or summer right? Turns out, it depends on a number of factors and there are disparate reasons behind them. Agents and home sellers (as well as home buyers) have differing opinions on when the best time is to sell your home.
Up to 60% of agents would advise selling in the winter – the reason being is that buyers are more motivated if they are shopping during this time of year. But agents will also advise that summer is the best time since there are more buyers and more opportunity to show your home which can create more competition.
Buyers may contend that winter is the best time to shop because home sellers are more desperate. However, they may also opine that having more time available to look at more homes makes for a better purchase decision so summer is a more likely time for them to shop.
Selling your home in any season can work to your advantage if you consider the following.
Spring / Summer 
Reasons to sell: 
-The market is much bigger – more buyers, more sellers, more inventory 
-Kids are out of school and selling before school year starts can be easier time-wise. 
-The weather is more agreeable to show your home 
-Spring flowers make for better landscape appeal
Considerations when selling: 
-A lot more competition for the same buyers 
-Possible longer selling time given that buyers have more homes to consider
Fall / Winter 
Reasons to sell: 
-Take advantage of tax breaks on selling profits before the year ends 
-Buyers are more motivated if they are shopping in winter 
-Less competition with other sellers
Considerations when selling: 
-Showing your home can be difficult during holidays due to weather 
-Listing photos become more important with less open house opportunities
Year Round 
-Market conditions – how are prices locally? Are homes selling in your area? Is it a buyer’s market or seller’s market? 
-Are there any additional tax incentives or other government programs that make it prudent to sell now?
Obviously, selling before you buy another home is financially wise unless you are flush with cash which is not the case for most home sellers. Selling and buying at the same time can be time consuming and overwhelming – another reason to be strategic about the timing of it all. Give yourself time to sell and time to look at other homes without rushing. Team

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